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'Data+Design': free ebook released for data visualisation

data design cover

More than 50 volunteers worked on a free ebook to explain visualising and working with data to those with no specialised training

Filling the gaps: Crowdfunded reporting in Ferguson


A groundswell of support for independent reporting from protests over the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by police has led Beacon Reader to directly connect journalists and readers in the area

Why constructive journalism can help engage the audience

Studies show that stories which explore solutions to problems rather than just the problems themselves prompt audiences to engage with the news and share content

How Deca is taking a collaborative approach to longform

An international co-operative of award-winning journalists are working together to tell the stories they feel are most important, despite most having never met in person

How The Marshall Project will illuminate US justice system

Editor-in-chief Bill Keller and managing editor for digital Gabriel Dance talk storytelling, interactives and building their own CMS at the non-profit start up

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We’re looking for an experienced News Director to lead our UK news coverage, manage a team of reporters, and help build BuzzFeed’s capacity as a trusted source of breaking news.

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PR of the week

It's all in the name of, the online casino has developed into a global community for amateurs and advanced players who enjoy the fun of risk and rewards. The popular gaming company is now welcoming more high rollers and offering an exceptional VIP experience from home

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news:rewired: First speakers and sessions announced

Speakers from the BBC, Al Jazeera English and the Wall Street Journal are due to appear at our forthcoming digital journalism conference conference in London

5 tips on data journalism from La Nacion

La Nacion Data project leader Angelica Peralta Ramos shared her tips for data journalism in 'hostile political environments' at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia