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Cardiff University introduces 'computational journalism' Masters

The new Master's degree was largely the result of feedback from those working in digital journalism, who voiced an interest in new graduates with both journalism and coding ability

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Daily Post 'handing over control to readers' via Facebook

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A new feature on the Daily Post's Facebook Page asks readers to vote for the person they would like to see interviewed

Q&A: Career advice for journalists #askajourno

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Readers asked their questions about applying for journalism jobs, from CV writing pointers, to interview advice and key skill sets to hone

How the Telegraph is becoming 'digitally-native'

Speaking at Newsworks' Shift 2014 conference in London, The Telegraph's chief content officer and editor-in-chief described his vision for the digital future of the industry

The journo-coder: an alternative route into journalism

How Marc Lajoie went from a career in neurology to a one-year journalism master's and then a prominent role at an international news organisation

The IMPRESS Project's plans for press regulation

Crowdfunding is underway for a press regulation body aimed at supporting smaller publishers and hyperlocal sites as well as larger news outlets

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Technical Journalist/Editor – Custom Publishing Projects international auto manufacturing

Technical Journalist/Editor – Custom Publishing Projects international auto manufacturing

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Brand ME Marketing evaluates Cardiff and thriving businesses

A number of businesses are growing at a very fast pace in Cardiff area in Wales, confirms the growth figures released in the annual reports by different companies. A number of new businesses have also come up and more are opting for outsourcing

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The BuzzFeed 'science': Using data to guide decisions

Scott Lamb, vice president of international at BuzzFeed, outlines how different statistics the site collects can guide editorial and advertising teams

Lessons in digital innovation from UsVsTh3m

Speaking at the Guardian's Changing Media Summit, Trinity Mirror product director Malcom Coles shared his insights in digital innovation following the launch of UsVsTh3m