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This is a filtered mash-up of posts from the best blogs about journalism. If your blog or one you know of is not here and you think it should be, email john at To be included (entirely at our discretion), the blog must be predominantly about journalism and/or add some genuine insight into the state of the profession and technological developments affecting it.

[Adam Tinworth] Why did the Evening Standard focus on an engineer's sex appeal?
An e-mail from the Ada Lovelace Day folks dropped into my in-box the other day, mentioning that Roma Agrawal would be speaking at Ada Lovelace Day Live. That set a little alarm ringing in my head t...
Posted 6 hours ago

[Adam Tinworth] iPad Magazines: a whole new generation of shovelware
While we're on the topic of iPad magazine apps: We in the publishing game have a name for this phenomenon - we call it “shovelware”. We used to use the term to describe the way we just took our...
Posted 10 hours ago

[Rick Waghorn] Eight long years ago, Mr Shirky fired our thinking into life; to build a time machine that took local media forward and not to revisit a failing past. That’s the plan…
As one or two people have observed on LinkedIn, this week marks the eighth anniversary of Addiply. For ads that add then multiply. Pure cheese. Eight years? Is that all? It feels like a lifetime. ...
Posted 10 hours ago

[Adam Tinworth] iPad Magazines: a predictable publisher road-crash
David Jacobs of 29th Street Publishing talking about magazine apps: What we have learned is that the replica will never be successful. Consumers have soundly rejected them: digital subscription...
Posted 11 hours ago

[WannabeHacks] B2B publications: the path from newbie to editor
Getting a job or freelancing with one of the old names of Fleet Street is still the preferred career path for many wannabe hacks. However, time spent at a start up or niche information service can ...
Posted 15 hours ago

[Adam Tinworth] A brand new, responsive OM&HB
The days when I switched my blog design every few months are very long gone, but here we are again with a new look OM&HB, only 20 months after the last one. Here's what it looks like right now: ...
Posted 1 day ago

[The Media Blog] Stop! No more holiday photos, please
There is very little in this life more tedious than being taken through somebody else's holiday photos. But that fact has not deterred the media from a level of coverage of the current royal jolly ...
Posted 1 day ago

[WannabeHacks] Five things to do before applying for your first journalism job
At this time of year, as April slides into May and graduation deadlines across the country loom large, there can often be an abundance of opportunities to drink from the holy grail of a journalism ...
Posted 1 day ago

[Bristol Editor] Bristol Editor launches social media for salons service
I’ve delivered social media for salons over the last three years in Bristol, and seeing a hair salon client getting a consistent financial ROI from a social media marketing service last week was re...
Posted 2 days ago

[Andy Dickinson] Who broke Moyes? Breaking news in a multi-channel world
[View the story "Who broke Moyes?" on Storify]
Posted 2 days ago

[David Higgerson] Facebook for journalists: Hurrah! Facebook just killed the ‘like if agree’ thing
Google, as we know, works very hard to ensure its search results aren’t gamed by websites which have no right to be at the top of search results for any given term. Google wants you to find the stu...
Posted 2 days ago

[WannabeHacks] 10 misconceptions about being a journalist
It’s easy being a journalist, right? We get paid to eat out every night, write sex columns and expose huge corruption scandals in government on a daily basis. All in a day’s work. Wrong. Here are t...
Posted 2 days ago

[Alan Mutter] The plight of newspapers in a single chart
Posted 3 days ago

[Alison Gow] This week, I've been reading... (weekly)
∞ — Wearables versus there-ables. What if we’ve got... "What if we’ve got it all wrong?What if we’re not actually supposed to wear all sorts of technology on our bodies and on our clothe...
Posted 4 days ago

[Mindy McAdams] (Re)defining multimedia journalism
I published a post on 11 days ago. The title is (Re)defining multimedia journalism. I thought it would be interesting to publish it there, instead of here, on my own blog, and see what w...
Posted 5 days ago

[Steve Yelvington] The episode in which I cause the sky to fall on journalism as we know it
I was part of a panel discussion of metrics and analytics in the newsroom a couple of weeks ago at the Journalism Interactive conference at the University of Maryland. I approached the subject with...
Posted 6 days ago

[Alan Mutter] Print ads fell 8.6% at papers in 2013: NAA
Posted 6 days ago

[Adam Tinworth] US Airways: that tweet explained
An excellent explanation of how US Airways ended up tweeting the pornographic plan - which explains why the social media guy didn't get fired. I'm pleasantly surprised about how maturely this has ...
Posted 6 days ago

[WannabeHacks] Cardiff University’s new journalism masters course
This week, Cardiff University’s Centre for Journalism announced a new postgraduate course for September. The Computational Journalism MSc aims to equip students with a blend of computer science and...
Posted 6 days ago

[WannabeHacks] PODCAST: The Hack Report
In this episode of the Hack Report we talk to Richard Sambrook about the new ‘Computational Journalism’ masters course at Cardiff University and learn more about the BBC’s Local Radio Apprenticeshi...
Posted 6 days ago

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