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This is a filtered mash-up of posts from the best blogs about journalism. If your blog or one you know of is not here and you think it should be, email john at To be included (entirely at our discretion), the blog must be predominantly about journalism and/or add some genuine insight into the state of the profession and technological developments affecting it.

[Mindy McAdams] (Re)defining multimedia journalism
I published a post on 11 days ago. The title is (Re)defining multimedia journalism. I thought it would be interesting to publish it there, instead of here, on my own blog, and see what w...
Posted 13 hours ago

[Steve Yelvington] The episode in which I cause the sky to fall on journalism as we know it
I was part of a panel discussion of metrics and analytics in the newsroom a couple of weeks ago at the Journalism Interactive conference at the University of Maryland. I approached the subject with...
Posted 1 day ago

[Alan Mutter] Print ads fell 8.6% at papers in 2013: NAA
Posted 1 day ago

[Adam Tinworth] US Airways: that tweet explained
An excellent explanation of how US Airways ended up tweeting the pornographic plan - which explains why the social media guy didn't get fired. I'm pleasantly surprised about how maturely this has ...
Posted 1 day ago

[WannabeHacks] Cardiff University’s new journalism masters course
This week, Cardiff University’s Centre for Journalism announced a new postgraduate course for September. The Computational Journalism MSc aims to equip students with a blend of computer science and...
Posted 1 day ago

[WannabeHacks] PODCAST: The Hack Report
In this episode of the Hack Report we talk to Richard Sambrook about the new ‘Computational Journalism’ masters course at Cardiff University and learn more about the BBC’s Local Radio Apprenticeshi...
Posted 1 day ago

[The Media Blog] Mirror sparks stock photography debate
Like many people I was struck yesterday by the power of The Mirror's front page which tells a heartbreaking tale of starving children in Britain. It's a story that needs to be told and they told it...
Posted 2 days ago

[The Media Blog] 'Daily Mail lifted our copy...again' says Brixton Blog
For a newspaper that prides itself on shaming the work-shy the Daily Mail is no stranger to lifting copy from other publications without credit. And a tweet from independent community blog @Brixton...
Posted 2 days ago

[WannabeHacks] How to write a radio news bulletin
If you’re in the process of building your journalism portfolio, it’s always good to have evidence of being able to work across a range of platforms. A great addition to any aspiring journalist’s li...
Posted 2 days ago

[David Higgerson] The most iconic newspaper front page in a generation?
What makes a great newspaper front page iconic? It’s a word which is used far too often, a bit like legend, or, if you happen to watch Channel 5 a bit, ‘celebrity.’ To be truly iconic, a newspaper ...
Posted 3 days ago

[Andy Dickinson] Doing data in a journalism course
It’s a subject that isn’t going away and it’s also one that generate a huge amount of debate – data journalism. If ever there was a perfect hook to hang all of journalisms best and worst it’s data ...
Posted 3 days ago

[Charlie Beckett] Look In The Mirror For An Interesting Ethical Dispute
Should you use a stock photograph in a front page story to represent real suffering? Media analyst Dan Barker’s blog feature’s a Daily Mirror front page about what it describes as the scandal of th...
Posted 3 days ago

[Sans Serif] Shekhar Gupta dedicates book to Viveck Goenka
      Indian Express editor-in-chief Shekhar Gupta‘s much-awaited book, Anticipating India, a compilation of his Saturday columns, has seen a change of cover. At left is the original cover, with th...
Posted 3 days ago

[Adam Tinworth] Verify social media content - or look like an idiot
The above photo was circulating Twitter yesterday, and at least two media outlets - Romenesko and FishbowlNY - ran it as an example of a BBC captioner having a bad day. They found the image and t...
Posted 4 days ago

[Charlie Beckett] Polis Annual Journalism Conference 2014: First Photos
Posted 4 days ago

[WannabeHacks] Six things you need to know about digital journalism
Last year, I joined a glossy-mag-based-website with, essentially, zero experience writing for online media.  By the end of my six months there, I was writing daily, maintaining the website and mana...
Posted 4 days ago

[Bristol Editor] Has social media killed traditional advertising?
When it comes to finding cost-effective business advertising, many companies are struggling to find value and financial ROI in traditional advertising – as a conversation with a potential blog mark...
Posted 5 days ago

[David Higgerson] Five reasons UGC has made the regional Press better
WARNING: This is a very long piece, written over several periods of time, looking at the power of UGC. In summary, its sets out why I think UGC has been good for the regional Press. * * * The other...
Posted 5 days ago

[WannabeHacks] Interview: Huffington Post’s Jessica Elgot on the importance of starting young
Recently, I’ve been needing a bit of inspiration. After several rejections and even more ignored e-mails, I was finding it incredibly difficult to believe that any publication actually want young j...
Posted 5 days ago

[WannabeHacks] BBC Journalism Trainee Scheme: What I learnt from my interview
“I want to talk to you about Jimmy Saville.” Now that sentence would make you a little anxious regardless of the scenario, but when it’s put to you as part of an interview for the BBC Journalism Tr...
Posted 5 days ago

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