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General discussion / Re: Who are we all and who do we work for?
« Last post by Syfencon on July 31, 2014, 09:48:34 PM »
Hey guys,

Names Varun, just registered. Located in the states and work for myself, not as a freelancer. I'm trying to get a newspaper up and running. Thought this would be a good place to seek advice.

This thing:

Also just realized that it has been a decade since I've last been on any message boards.
General discussion / How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages
« Last post by tech4more on July 31, 2014, 07:38:44 PM »
"How to see the deleted messages on facebook plzzzzzzzzzz help me plzzz". These are the words of one of my friend Richard, last night. At that time I really don't know how to recover deleted messages on Facebook. So for him, I did some research on Facebook official blog and help center, I got a way to recover deleted Facebook messages. And i told him the proper way retrieve deleted Facebook messages. This was really helpful for him because he had lost some important links. Now i am going to share that method of retrieving deleted message with all of you. I hope people like my friend Richard will find this Facebook trick helpful.

How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages :
First of all I would like to clear one thing, that this is not actually a Facebook trick, rather it’s a inbuilt feature of Facebook to recover deleted Facebook messages. This means, whenever we delete any Facebook message by pressing the “cross icon”, the message rather tends to be delete, just moves in archive folder.

If you deleted a message from your Facebook chat and you want it back, follow these easy steps:

1- Sign into Facebook

2- Go to "Messages"

3- Click on "More" and select "Archived"

4- All Deleted messages will be displayed.

Is this article on How to recover deleted Facebook messages helped you to recover your deleted messages. Let me know in comments. If you face any problem or you have any other trick , then also tell me.

#deleted #facebook
welcome rash!! pl keep reading for more tech tips and tricks..and make us popular in  whole world..thnxxxx
thanx sir i stopped notification with the help of your post.... it was amazing .......... Tech4more is popular site in North india......
Are you irritated by Candy Crush annoying request on Facebook ?
Wanna to block/stop Candy Crush Saga request and You didn't find any way out it ?

Now enjoy! why? because your search ends here. If you are sick of getting irritated Candy Crush saga Notification on Facebook from your friends then here is the perfect way to stop the Candy Crush Saga Facebook notifications.

Now a days, candy crush saga is the most downloaded game and also famous on Facebook. If you are using a candy crush app (Game) on your phone but don’t want any more request notification on Facebook then you can Stop the candy crush notifications, but if you are using (Playing) candy crush saga game, then you can Block the candy crush App (Game) on Facebook, After blocking the App you will never get any notification on Facebook related to Candy crush Saga App.

How to Get rid of Candy Crush Request If you are using the app on Phone:
This method is for those who are using candy crush app on their phone, but don’t want any request on their Facebook account.

1- Open your Facebook account and open the settings.

2- Now select the “Apps” from Left sidebar

3- Find the Candy Crush App and click on edit menu as shown in picture below.

4-  Now you will find a Tab "When to Notify You", Initially it will be on 'The Apps send you a notification'Change it to 'nes1600/4.png[/img]

And you are done, From Now you will not receive any request on your Facebook profile you can play Candy Crush Saga Send request to others. Cheers!!

How to Stop Candy Crush Saga Request from Facebook for those who are not using this app:

This method is for those who are not using a candy crush app on their phone and don’t want any type of request related to on candy crush saga on their Facebook account.

1- Open your Facebook account and open settings.

2- Now select the “blocking” option from left side bar

3-  Now go to Block Apps option and type Candy Crush

4-  After that it will show you the Apps simply select the “Candy Crush Saga”

5- After you will see that “Candy crush” is now blocked

From Now onward you will never receive any Facebook Notification related to Candy Crush Saga Game.

If you already got Lot of Candy Crush request.
Then  go to
Find Candy Crush app and Click on 'X' to reject all the requests.

for more read:-

Hi Paul,

My name is Sophie and I am a 21 year old English undergrad.

I really like the sound of this, as comic and books are a big part of my degree, as well as a personal favourite pastime of mine.

I have A-levels in media, language and literature, and I hope to progress on to do something with my writing after I graduate in June 2015.

I have experience in social media, editing and can write to a very good standard!

My email address is

I also write and manage my own blog.

:D :D
Thanks for the interest so far! I've emailed everyone so far, please get in touch if you are an eager, reliable writer looking for experience!

Case studies wanted / 16 year olds pregnant for benefits in n ireland
« Last post by sammieseagull on July 26, 2014, 12:35:29 AM »
Do you know any 16-18 year olds in n. Ireland who have got pregnant on purpose to get benefits? If so, I need a case study.
Freelance journalists / Re: Hello there - An introduction!
« Last post by NikkaMars on July 25, 2014, 11:39:23 AM »
Hello Jack!

I am new here as well. My name is Veronica and I am from Spain. (Nice to meet you!)
Hi all,

Having just joined, I'm an amateur (very) freelance journalist based in New Brunswick, Canada. I'm a bit of a traveller too, having just recently purchased a touring bicycle and hope to take my journalism skills on the road around New Brunswick and the Maritime Provinces before conquering Canada, and then, we'll see what comes up!

It is my hope that I can learn as much as possible and making entry into the freelance journalism market, especially as a touring cyclist as well. I hope to learn from folks like yourself, who've been there and done it!

I've set up a website at:

I also have a Twitter account, which you can follow and contact me, @jackonabikeCA, or you can contact me via GMail at

Many thanks!

I am actually a graduated translator and LOVE travelling and writing (specially about what I see on the TV news and newspapers). I think I like it even more than translating, hehe.
This is my site:, in case you want to look at it :)
What made you getting a degree in journalism? is it difficult to study in Canada? (I mean, the programme). In Spain (at least in translation), it's not difficult, but you really need to work for it (a lot!) on your own and it's a very general field, so you may finish your degree without any idea of what to do with your life!
Twitter: veronicamanzalb
Facebook: Veronika Manzanares Alberola (in case you want to add me :) )
Good afternoon from Spain!

My name is Veronica, 24, and... guess what? I have been wondering about the same questions  :D
I am a graduated translator, but my biggest passion is actually journalism.
I want to do a MA in journalism in Denmark, but I could read at the university's website that I would need to have published some materials to get in.
I own a blog where I publish posts about my vision of what happens in the world (feel free to check it :) ) and I came out with an idea: creating an e-book with the best posts and trying to sell it in Amazon :)
As for the NCTJ... what is it exactly? like a certificate?

Thanks a lot
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