Newzulu is a revolutionary, crowd-sourced news wire service, based primarily on freelance journalism, as well as eyewitness and social content from around the globe. We verify and help sell stories from over 100,000 contributors in 150 countries.
We are looking for a Managing Editor to play a key role in our international operations by spearheading our UK bureau.

The primary responsibilities of the Newzulu UK Editor will be to:
  • Strategically and editorially manage Newzulu's UK edition ( and the inflow of news from contributors in the UK
  • Manage the dynamic UK community of Newzulu contributors and expand it exponentially
  • Participate in and oversee fact-checking and verification of incoming story submissions from contributors to the highest journalistic standards
  • Participate in and oversee the repackaging of stories for our wire partners and media clients
  • Establish Newzulu as the UK’s premier freelance journalism platform

The Managing Editor will work closely with the Newzulu Global Editor-in-Chief and the editorial team at the Newzulu Paris Bureau, as well as other international Newzulu bureaus.
Daily tasks and desired qualities include, but are not limited to:
  • Editorial and strategic management of the site as well as Newzulu Wire
  • Strong editorial skills: Reviewing, validating and publishing contributions (photos, videos and articles) on-the-fly, identifying and designating contributions with high news value
  • Highly connected to the daily and long-term news agenda in the UK/Ireland and reactivity to news stories as they break/unfold; issuing “Newscalls” to contributors and finding new potential contributors
  • Ability to easily collaborate with media sales team of our partner newswires and the Newzulu Paris team to ensure that contributions are published as quickly as possible, distributed and sold on the broadest possible basis in the UK and abroad
  • Management of a creative and buzz-worthy social media presence
  • Ability to act as a model Newzulu contributor, by submitting interesting and well-produced stories on a regular basis
  • Impeccable English spelling and grammar, intermediate level French and other languages a plus
The ideal candidate for this position is a high-level energy journalist-entrepreneur hybrid. We’re looking for someone with a passion for citizen journalism and news innovation, who has incredibly dynamic vibe, is a self-starter and creative problem-solver.

The candidate must have a sharp news sense and be able to sniff out good stories from a mile away. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must. You MUST be meticulous about your work, and be able to push through impeccably-reviewed stories quickly. A background in visual journalism is a big plus. 
We’d like to hear from candidates with a proven track record of excellence in managing contributors and working under pressure and have great social media community management skills.

The ideal candidate:
  • Is able to make snap judgements, editorially and otherwise
  • Works quickly
  • Has great attention to detail: can write clean copy without spelling/grammatical/factual errors
  • Is organized, efficient, and works independently
  • Knows how to handle multiple tasks with timeliness and judges urgency appropriately
  • Is a web-native, and understands the nature of how news works today -- as well as the urgency of time-sensitive content
This job is based in London, UK.

A week-long training period in Paris will be required.

How to apply:

Send your CV and letter of motivation to Please use NEWZULU LONDON EDITOR as your subject line.
Please quote when applying for this position

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