Companies House to open up UK business data to journalists


Finance and data journalists welcome latest move as accounts for 3 million UK companies are set to go public

Morning Memo screenshot

What we learned from The Morning Memo

Siraj Datoo, political reporter at BuzzFeed UK and founder of the daily email newsletter, shares his thoughts and lessons since The Morning Memo closed on Monday


Tips for journalists using Google Search

Dan Russell, über tech lead, Google Search Quality and User Experience Research, shares advanced Google search techniques for research, newsgathering and verification

Brown Moses launches open-source investigations site

Eliot Higgins, better known as Syria munitions blogger Brown Moses, today launches his new site Bellingcat to help investigative journalists using freely available information

Posted by Alastair Reid on 14/07/14

BBC launches Facebook-first news service in Thailand

Using the Facebook Notes feature as a CMS, World Service journalists hope to provide news 'without fear or favour' to a population in political turmoil

Posted by Alastair Reid on 11/07/14

12 tools to make your newsroom more collaborative

Digital tools and platforms have made it even easier for journalists to collaborate on projects across newsrooms or continents

Posted by Daniele Palumbo on 11/07/14

12 social media tools for journalists

In an increasingly vital area for journalists, here are 12 tools journalists can use to search, monitor or curate content from the social web

Posted by Daniele Palumbo on 10/07/14

Crowdfunding independent journalism

The platform, which already launched its beta version, aims to support journalists with donations from the audience

Posted by Daniele Palumbo on 09/07/14

9 free platforms for journalists to learn how to code

Programming is an increasingly useful skill for journalists hoping to stand out in the industry, so here are nine platforms to discover HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby and R

Posted by Daniele Palumbo on 07/07/14

New UGC verification platform SAM is a 'CMS for tweets'

Recently released from beta, SAM aims to streamline sourcing and verification of UGC through enabling better collaboration within newsrooms

Posted by Chris Sutcliffe on 04/07/14

Guardian Australia: lessons in online-only publications

Just over a year after Guardian Australia's one-year anniversary, outgoing editor-in-chief Katharine Viner shares some of the lessons learned in launching an online-only publication in another country

Posted by Abigail Edge on 04/07/14

10 essential self-taught journalism skills

No journalism course is all-encompassing and there will always be new skills to learn, so here are some skills to consider picking up in your free time

Posted by Chris Sutcliffe on 03/07/14

Re-building Haiti: using newsgames for complex issues

The recently published interactive uses a mixture of longform journalism, multimedia and gaming elements to help readers understand the problems facing Haiti after the 2010 earthquake

Posted by Alastair Reid on 03/07/14

The psychology of data visualisation: beyond the numbers

Knowing the process behind memory retention is useful when visualising data for a story, so here are three areas to consider to make your visualisations more memorable

Posted by Chris Sutcliffe on 02/07/14

How to: build a pivot table to find the story in data

Pivot tables allow you to quickly and easily examine data to find the stories hidden within

Posted by Chris Sutcliffe on 01/07/14

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