Live UK flood maps made available to all news outlets

shrewsbury abbey floods

Environment Agency contractor Shoothill provides embeddable interactive maps and Twitter accounts for over 2,400 river gauges ahead of flood season

comma bbc

How the BBC helps publishers search their audio archives

The 'Comma' project is based on the technology behind the BBC World Service archive project and could make it easier for news organisations to make sense of their old sound archive

radio on air red

3 lessons in audience engagement from NPR Music

Speaking at the Next Radio conference, Anya Grundmann of NPR Music described how she believes content series are better than 'one-offs' for connecting with audiences online 

4 tips for creating viral audio from SoundCloud

Making audio shareable can be tricky. SoundCloud's Ben Fawkes shared advice for increasing the share factor of audio posts at the Next Radio conference

Posted by Abigail Edge on 08/09/14

German non-profit newsroom sharing all data and stories

CORRECT!V was set up to work on data-centric investigative journalism and share its projects with national and local media

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 08/09/14

Inside Storyful's revamped newswire service

The social newswire recently relaunched its dashboard aimed at helping journalists discover multimedia, stories, updates and tweets around news

Posted by Alastair Reid on 05/09/14

Why BreakingNews is offering ‘proximity alerts' for app users

NBC's mobile news curation service now offers personalised breaking news alerts to users based on their location and interests

Posted by Abigail Edge on 05/09/14

Interactive: tips and advice for music journalism

Key advice from our live Q&A featuring Al Horner, assistant editor at NME, Sam Wolfson, executive editor of Noisey UK, and Bella Todd, freelance music journalist

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 04/09/14

Future offers free digital editions with print in September

Future makes use of its own in-house publishing software to offer free digital access to its print readers at no extra cost

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 04/09/14

How the 'iTunes of journalism' reached 100k users

Dutch news aggregator Blendle has signed up every newspaper and magazine in Holland, and is helping them to reach new and younger audiences

Posted by Abigail Edge on 03/09/14

Yorkshire Evening Post teams up with The City Talking to reach a younger audience

Monthly newspaper The City Talking will be distributed alongside the Yorkshire Evening Post from September

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 03/09/14

Why Trinity Mirror Regionals is taking to Google+

Ten regional titles have launched new pages on the social platform as they attempt to reach new audiences and integrate Google reporting and publishing tools

Posted by Alastair Reid on 02/09/14

Report: 'new set of editorial standards' among digital media

Digitally native sites are paving the way for new principles when it comes to digital ethics, according to a Reuters Institute report

Posted by Abigail Edge on 02/09/14

How BuzzFeed is tapping into Scottish referendum fever

Memes and fact-checks are in, live blogs are out as BuzzFeed shares what works well on Facebook and Twitter

Posted by Paul McNally on 02/09/14

Nesta launches digital magazine on innovation

The Long + Short will have themed issues that will be published to desktop and mobile in several 'seasons'

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 01/09/14

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