Why constructive journalism can help engage the audience

rubiks cube

Studies show that stories which explore solutions to problems rather than just the problems themselves prompt audiences to engage with the news and share content


How Deca is taking a collaborative approach to longform

An international co-operative of award-winning journalists are working together to tell the stories they feel are most important, despite most having never met in person

Justice scales

How The Marshall Project will illuminate US justice system

Editor-in-chief Bill Keller and managing editor for digital Gabriel Dance talk storytelling, interactives and building their own CMS at the non-profit start up

Why BuzzFeed is expanding with new Distributed division

BuzzFeed plans to expand in the social web and build an audience in a space where content and social networking meet

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 14/08/14

Advertorial: How the photojournalist's role is changing

New methods of funding and distribution have created more opportunities for humanitarian documentary photography, according to award-winning photographer Paul Lowe

Posted by London College of Communication on 13/08/14

Storyful fund project to define best practice for eyewitness media

Authors behind the recent Tow Center report on user-generated content aim to establish tools and best practice for the use of eyewitness media

Posted by Alastair Reid on 13/08/14

App for journalists: JamSnap, for adding sound to images

Create interactive images with multiple soundbites using this free iOS app

Posted by Abigail Edge on 13/08/14

Inside digital innovation at La Stampa

Editor-in-chief Mario Calabresi and digital editor Marco Bardazzi discuss the progress made by the Italian daily in their new, open approach to journalism

Posted by Alastair Reid on 12/08/14

Querying multiple data sources using import.io

In the final screencast in the series the team at import.io show how you can compare and contrast datasets using their software

Posted by Abigail Edge on 11/08/14

Why custom speech content could 'change the game' for radio

New app from NPR combines the serendipity of listening to the radio with a recommendation algorithm serving up content based on listener interests

Posted by Paul McNally on 11/08/14

Behind the BBC's interactive 'The rise of the Islamic State'

The interactive video, the first of its kind from the BBC, seeks to combine video, text and interactive graphics to tell the story of the militant group sweeping across Iraq and Syria

Posted by Alastair Reid on 08/08/14

Lessons from BBC virtual reality stream at Glasgow Games

The BBC Research and Development team shares what lessons were drawn from the first virtual reality sports stream and how they can be used in the future

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 08/08/14

Times to launch political e-newsletter 'Red Box'

The new six-days-a-week email is a partnership with YouGov, coming ahead of Scottish referendum and 2015 election

Posted by Paul McNally on 08/08/14

Ofcom: UK audience for digital news shifting to mobile

The number of people using laptops and desktop computers to read news is falling as more turn to their mobile devices to stay informed, according to a new report by Ofcom

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 07/08/14

TheyWorkForYou plans search and usability upgrades

The open democracy site is 'looking at user behaviour intently' and opening up its voting data to developers in the run-up to 2015 election

Posted by Paul McNally on 07/08/14

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