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The Times 'moving towards profit' since paywall launch

According to Alan Hunter, head of digital at The Times and Sunday Times, Times Newspapers has moved from a £72 million loss in 2009 to £6 million for trading year ending June 2013

Posted by Abigail Edge on 26/03/14

NYT Now app to offer tailored content throughout the day

The news outlet's new app will be 'an express version of New York Times journalism'

Posted by Abigail Edge on 26/03/14

Lessons from 'one package, one price' paywall in Norway

The introduction of the freemium digital model at Schibsted-owned newspaper Fædrelandsvennen in Norway, was driven by a focus on culture and open communication

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 25/03/14

Why The Information chose to follow a paywall model

Jessica Lessin, founder and editor-in-chief of The Information, outlines the site's approach to paywalls, which she believes should be driven by high-quality content

Posted by Abigail Edge on 19/03/14

How news outlets can make native ads work for them

A native advertising session at Digital Media Strategies shared best practice tips for media outlets, and highlighted what mainstream media newsrooms in particular can bring to the table

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 05/03/14

New York Times to add 'new products' for digital subscribers

Research by the New York Times has identified opportunities to target both non-subscribers and 'devoted Times readers' with a lower priced product and premium offering

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 04/03/14

ProPublica opens Data Store with free and 'premium' data

ProPublica is looking to data as a possible revenue stream as it launches an online Data Store as 'a bit of an experiment' to test demand

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 27/02/14

Why Kyiv Post is to raise digital subscription fee

Having dropped its paywall during the ongoing protests in Kiev, the Kyiv Post has reintroduced payment for some content and plans to increase the subscription fee

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 28/01/14

The Sun reports more than 117k digital subscribers

In the first release of digital subscriber statistics for The Sun, which launched its paywall in August, it reports 'nearly 102,000' digital-only subscribers, plus those who sign-up via newspaper codes

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 06/12/13

'What I learnt by launching a web magazine'

Adam Westbrook, digital publisher and producer

Posted by Adam Westbrook on 28/11/13

Long-form publisher Matter stops charging for articles

Matter, which had adopted a micro-payments model when it launched a year ago, was bought by blogging platform Medium earlier this year

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 22/11/13

Android Newsstand app 'important development' for publishers

The new app allows readers to sign up for digital subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, as well as being a discovery platform for new free news sites

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 21/11/13

The Times launches on-site Twitter directories

The collections feature an index of staff Twitter accounts, for The Times and Sunday Times, with users able to filter results based on the reporter's area of expertise

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 18/11/13

Editor of The Sun: 'BuzzFeed is the best thing on the internet'

David Dinsmore, editor of The Sun, on why he likens BuzzFeed to The Sun, and how the news outlet is working to better understand its audience

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 05/11/13

Native advertising: Separating church and state

How news organisations are building commercial teams of former journalists who create paid-for content on behalf of brands

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 04/11/13

AOL proposes publisher guidelines on native advertising

The report urges transparency and the clear signposting of sponsored content

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 22/10/13

The Times reports 150k digital subscribers

The Times and Sunday Times have 350,000 subscribers to print and digital bundles

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 17/10/13

Boston Globe plans Facebook-like 'stream of content'

Free-to-access site to feature personalised stream and will adopt responsive design

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 08/10/13

Guardian boss discusses paywalls and privacy

'We are not anti-paywall,' Andrew Miller, chief executive of the Guardian says, but adds that 'we are going to have to ask our readers for more money in the future'

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 07/10/13

How Long Play hopes to shake-up Finnish media with e-singles

Long Play, which publishes in-depth investigative stories, is said to be nearing profit less than a year since launch

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 01/10/13

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#Podcast - Then and now: Two years of the New York Times paywall

To mark two years of the New York Times metered paywall in operation we discuss the impact of the model on the rest of the industry

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 28 March 2013

#Podcast - Paywall pointers: Digital subscription lessons for news outlets

While digital subscriptions may not appeal to every publisher, many news outlets have launched paywalls or more metered-models in recent years as the industry looks for new revenue streams for online journalism. In this week's podcast we hear from those behind established paywalls - The Times, The New York Times and Piano Media - to hear about their approaches and pointers for other news outlets considering online pay models.

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 16 November 2012

#wef12: CEO of Australia's Fairfax Media encourages publishers to make 'the big calls now'

Chief executive of Australia's Fairfax Media details the process of restructuring the business and says the newspaper will be placed 'at the end of the process'

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 4 September 2012

#wef12: WSJ's Raju Narisetti on 'copycat' paywalls and the 'golden' future of digital advertising

Speaking at the World Editors Forum on Monday (3 September), managing editor for the Wall Street Journal’s digital network Raju Narisetti said he had concerns about many US “copycat” paywalls, and whether they would be able to generate the necessary revenues to succeed financially. Instead, he predicted that “the golden age of digital advertising lies [...]

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 4 September 2012

#wef12: 5 steps from New York Times Company on building digital subs model

The latest results reported by the New York Times Company showed a total of more than 500,ooo paid digital subscribers. This was an increase on the 454,000 paying subscribers recorded a year after launched its online subscriptions model, which refers to subscribers across the New York Times and International Herald Tribune. And this is not [...]

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 3 September 2012

#Tip of the day from - monetising a niche audience

Five lessons for sites with niche audiences

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 19 June 2012

#paywalls12 - The Economist: 'We have doubled content in two years'

'We want to be ahead of of the game when people move from print to digital', says vice president of customer engagement at the Economist

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 23 February 2012

#paywalls12 - Looking outside: five paid-content lessons from Denmark, Slovakia and Slovenia

Five lessons from Denmark's largest private media company and from Piano Media, which is behind Slovakia and Slovenia's joint paywalls

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 23 February 2012

#paywalls12 - Niche content paywalls: three success stories

How Lloyds List, Incisive Media and Haymarket's motorsport titles are making money from digital content

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 23 February 2012

Media release: Piano Media raises paywall price with 'steady revenue' in place

Piano Media has announced that it is raising the price of the national paywall it established in Slovakia last year, a move its CEO Tomas Bella says in a release was planned for once it was 'accepted'

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 14 February 2012

#jpod - Paywalls: Helping readers over the fence

A look at how publishers are working in collaboration to set up paywalls and a digital kiosk to sell content for tablets and how the Financial Times and New York Times could be encouraging online subscriptions by raising the cost of their print publications

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 13 January 2012

#news2011: Paywalls - 'the solution is going to be unique and individual'

The discussion at the Global Editors Network news summit looked at paywalls and paid-for apps

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 29 November 2011

Sydney Morning Herald: The Australian to reveal paywall details this week

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that News Limited (the Australian arm of News Corporation) will officially announce its paywall for the Australian this week, after it outlined plans for a ‘freemium’ subscription model for its online content back in June. It had already been announced that the model will offer access to some content [...]

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 18 October 2011

#wef11: Publishers share paywall strategies and lessons learnt

“Don’t be afraid” – this was just one of many messages given by a panel of publishers at the World Editors Forum today, who shared their experiences of erecting “paywalls” or what came to be termed by the panel as “leaky walls”. The panel featured three news outlets which have all established paid-content systems in [...]

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 15 October 2011

OJR: Apps v eBooks - are we missing paid content opportunity?

On the Online Journalism Review Robert Niles assess the missed opportunities for news organisations overlooking value of eBooks

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 14 September 2011

News International to rethink 'iron-curtain' paywall approach for the Sun

During a debate at City University London, News International's head of marketing has revealed the Sun online will remain outside the paywall until a suitable paid content model is found, while the Guardian's media editor confirmed a commitment to a free website

Posted by Ben Whitelaw on 10 May 2011

Slovakian media goes behind the paywall

Yesterday nine news outlets in Slovakia joined together to put up a joint paywall in front of parts of its content – some more than others – as part of a new premium content subscription model by Piano Media. The platform means users pay a monthly fee of €2.90 (.20) for unlimited access to all [...]

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 19 April 2011

Will the Shropshire and Wolverhampton walls pay?

Part-paywalls have gone up at the UK’s biggest-selling regional daily, the Wolverhampton-based Express and Star, and at sister title, the Shropshire Star. Breaking news will remain free but other content, such as football reports, are now behind the wall. But will Wolverhampton and Shropshire pay? At £2.19 more a month than the Times, is £12.18 [...]

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 5 April 2011

Bloomberg: US publisher Gannett trialing paid-content model

US publisher Gannett (which is parent company to Newsquest in the UK) is trying out a paid-content model at three of its newspaper websites while it considers a broader online payment model, Bloomberg reported this week. Chief executive officer Craig Dubow told Bloomberg that Gannett is likely to experiment more before making a decision about [...]

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 8 March 2011

Telegraph web rumours: Is metered charging the best way forward?

Speculation that Telegraph Media Group is planning to start charging for some of its online content has been brought up again today by Marketing magazine. The magazine’s report claims that the publisher is talking to digital agencies about overhauling and is considering a hybrid part-paid, part-free model from September. Officially, TMG says it is [...]

Posted by Paul McNally on 22 February 2011

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