• 2014 sees rise in private tutoring
  • Many schools failing students who are interested in the Tech industry
  • Private tutoring and training sector predicted to
    reach $102b worldwide by 2018

London, United Kingdom – 2014, April - At the present, tutoring positions across the globe are in demand and proliferating. The magazine Ink cited tutoring as one of the top 16 growth industries in the world for new business ventures.

Millions of tech-interested students are entering higher education programs that require advanced and special learning and training in all educational levels. With the global educational and school systems straining at the tether to meet sustainable budgets and higher quality curriculum's, it is no wonder that private instruction will be the answer to fill the needs of the many students of today and tomorrow. 

Statistical Outlook

The private, educational tutoring sector, including language schools and vocational markets, is a multi-billion dollar juggernaut with estimates in the U.S. predicted to reach $102.8 billion by 2018, as cited by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

The majority of the tutoring market is dominated by the United States, Europe (England), and the Asia-Pacific—Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Singapore. India alone comprised 15 percent of the global market at the end of 2012.

All age groups and educational programs are represented, especially the “e-tutoring” sector, with math, science, reading and writing comprehension popular on the lists. The increase in tutoring has risen 7 percent worldwide in just the last year. 

Advantages and Benefits of Private Tutoring

With the mission to improve knowledge and aptitude in any particular field of study, the tutoring sector wins hands down with its one-on-one interactions with students. Private teachers can afford relaxed and thorough study programs without rushing through a generic, mass produced program.

Individual students with different learning abilities, varied comprehension strengths and weaknesses can only benefit immeasurably from direct, personalized instruction. A tutor is allowed complete focus. The student benefits from a non-threatening or competitive lesson program. Customization for the student is the key advantage, allowing concentration on repeat errors and extra comprehension. 

Tutors may specialise as experts in their fields, like math, the core sciences, foreign language, business and law.

As an example, Kunaal Tailor, Director of www.Private-English-Tutor-London.com, covers all commercial aspects of computer web design, writing and communication, media presentation, legal writing and academic proofreading. “I am one of the fortunate proof-readers,” he says “who also has extensive knowledge as a teacher and marker of work in various academic fields. I am fortunate to offer my students my expertise to guide them on the path of getting the highest possible grades.”

The Road Ahead

The need for a superior education in this technological boom is at the forefront today. The tutoring sector will be a lasting advancement for education and it will continue to increase dramatically in the foreseeable future and beyond. 

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