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Nike, the world’s largest sports manufacturer, has announced it is to open a new store at the Riverside complex in Norwich. AGM Norwich believes the move is being seen as a shot in the arm for the local economy, providing new jobs and a confidence boost for the retail sector.

It comes at a time when retail firm Next posted significant profit through the Christmas period (up 11.9%) and suggests something of a fight back from the high street against the juggernaut of online shopping.

“I think it’s great for the local economy to have a company like Nike choose to open a store here,” said the Director of AGM when asked, “The city has a great mix of big chains and local independent retailers and this is a real shot in the arm for the city.”

Not all are keen though, with concerns over both the impact the store will have on other high street shops that stock Nike products and that the location of the store will draw consumers from the central shopping district. Adrian Fennell, partner responsible for retail and leisure at Norwich-based Roche chartered surveyors, said “The worry is that it may have a negative impact on the city centre. We want the city centre to be vibrant and lively…It is one thing when a retailer takes a site on the periphery of Norwich but already has a presence in the city centre. But it is another thing altogether when retailers are just going to the periphery instead.”

When asked why Nike are investing in new stores other retail giants posting bumper profits, AGM Norwich director put it down to one thing, customer service. “Internet shopping is great if you know what you’re looking for. But if you need help or advise, or to browse, then it is limited. Face to face customer service allows a company to deliver personalised, interactive and memorable shopping experiences. Consumers are creatures of habit and in some ways the stores that have done well in the last few years, such as a M&S, are those who have heralded old-fashioned values such as excellent customer service.”

AGM Norwich is a company that specialises in face to face customer acquisition, “We will be flexible to anything that a client needs from us, the only thing we insist on is working face to face. It’s the only way we think that we can deliver on our promise to become a brand ambassador. People buy from people and in an age where the consumer has so much choice and can get great deals online, it’s the level of service on offer that will determine spending habits. I think our clients increasingly feel the same and that’s why we’re in such demand to grow.”

AGM Norwich are an outsource marketing firm that offer clients a range of campaigns, including retail events. Their portfolio covers charities, telecoms, streaming, cosmetics and security amongst others. 

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