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Since 2009 road accidents have dropped 17% in the U.K. Fatalities as well. In 2009 there were 2,222 deaths and in 2012 that number has dropped to 1,754. While there could be other contributing factors to these statistics, we believe we have been a major contributing factor in helping to save lives and make our roads safer. Elegant E-Learning, Inc. is one of the largest providers of the DSA mock driving theory tests; and driving is one of the most essential tools people need in order to progress in society and function. Our tests give people this opportunity to study and learn more about the road before taking the DSA written exam; making driving a safer experience.

TopTests.co.uk has been serving the driving community since 2011. Issuing over 2.1 million mock theory tests, we have seen over 1 million British people use our tests to practise and prepare for their DSA test. At TopTests.co.uk we want to help better our roads. We take away the fear of passing the DSA or questions regarding what could be on it, so when people study and then take our practice test they are not only more fluent in what driving codes they must adhere to on the road, but the rules and regulations as well. Then passing the practical and being a great driver comes easier.

The goal is to make the public more aware that there are easily available methods for studying and preparing for the DSA; Top Tests is also compatible with iPhones and iPads. TopTests.co.uk Founder, Andrei Zakhareuski, said practised and knowledgeable drivers are informed, safer drivers. His goal is to increase the public awareness of what his site offers to the U.K. and worldwide – preventing injuries and saving lives.

TopTests.co.uk allows users to practice the simulated DSA tests for free as many times as they like and offers immediate feedback. No registration is required.  For more information, visit http://toptests.co.uk

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