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LMC Interactive Services are a Brisbane-based direct marketing firm with a difference and they are currently recruiting for people with an entrepreneurial mindset that are looking for challenges and career growth. LMC’s Managing Director Cathol Malley is an entrepreneur by nature, and he is looking for like-minded people to work with in order to grow his business and thrive in the marketplace. As Mr Malley knows only too well, it is very difficult to find the right person and so he is being very systematic in his approach. He says, ‘While many people consider themselves to be entrepreneurial, the truth is that very few people are naturally gifted in this way. Entrepreneurs think differently to most people; they listen to the voice in their head above all others, they are focused and determined to the point where they happily forego any social life and they create opportunities where there may be none. I am looking for people who display these natural tendencies and I am certain that they are out there. I believe very much in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit and I am very excited about what we can achieve with a few more special people on board.’

Mr Malley is right to be selective; it has been proven time and again that people that think big achieve much greater goals. He is setting about the recruitment process by briefing agencies on what it is that he is looking for and what he will not compromise on. He is also keeping his ear to the ground in case he comes across any talent in his day to day business activities. He says, ‘The life of an entrepreneur is up and down; while there are many highs to be achieved, you often find that big thinkers can struggle with doubt and anxiety too. This is natural when you think about the challenges that they set themselves. However, they always manage to overcome these hurdles and face their fears head on. I am looking for somebody that is brave, intelligent, able and creative in their approach.’

LMC Interactive Services are fast establishing themselves as the industry leaders in Brisbane when it comes to direct marketing. Mr Malley and his team believe passionately in the power of face to face marketing for garnering results which exceed even their customers’ expectations. Their customer acquisition skills are in high demand and Mr Malley is looking forward to welcoming new talent to his team.

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