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Pole dancing school Pole Privé has launched a one-of-a-kind service, bringing a portable pole to customers’ homes for private pole dancing lessons. 

Pole Privé can come to your house, at a time that suits you, set up a pole in around five minutes and give you a private lesson, guiding you from an absolute beginner all the way up to a semi-pro pole dancer!

Or maybe you just want to learn a choreography for a special occasion – like to your husband-to-be’s favourite song for a wedding-night surprise? Or, indeed, maybe you just want to have a hen party that’s more Agent Provocateur than Ann Summers? 

But... isn’t pole dancing for strippers?

“Pole dancing has evolved and is no longer the preserve of gentlemen’s clubs (so, that’s one in the eye for Peter Stringfellow!) and Pole Privé is proud to be at the forefront of that,” says Pole Privé founder Wendy Saunt. “Essentially, it’s a beautiful, sensual and athletic dance form – so, like any dance, you can express yourself how you want. Maybe you have an inner pole diva, ballerina or gymnast? Maybe you have all three! 

“The best thing about pole dancing is that you can explore all that, all while having so much fun that you forget that you’re ‘exercising’.”

So, why private lessons?

There are plenty of pole dancing schools in London – the problem is, they teach in a one-size-fits-all way, says Wendy. “Not only is the teacher split between so many pupils that they can’t give the attention that most people need, but also the class moves on – whether you can do the difficult move you’re working on or not. 

“It’s just not focused enough to get really good – and the result is that pole dancing schools churn out lots of not very good pole dancers! Private lessons help you be the best pole dancer you can be.”

With Pole Privé you have a dedicated teacher to teach you and just you. “This means you can learn the correct techniques, at your own pace, taking time over harder moves or learning fast-track – so, you can get to do the fun, cool upside down stuff a lot quicker!” 

Private lessons are also great for those who are uncomfortable with going to large group classes – whether that’s because they think they’re too old, unfit, or overweight... or just because they don’t want to wear hot pants in public! “Pole Privé is open to everyone,” says Wendy. “Whatever your fitness level, age, size or sex – you can learn to pole dance. It’s not just for the fit, young and effortlessly skinny! I’ve seen 50-year-old women doing aerial inverted splits – it’s so amazing and inspiring!”

It’s open to those who have childcare issues as well. “We know how hard it is for mums to find time for themselves. This is why at-home lessons are great – you don’t have to organise hours of childcare to have one and you can even invite a few friends, too!”

Pole dancing is an amazing way to get fit, and one gets under your skin, says Wendy. “It’s like nothing else you’ll ever try. It is a wonderful, rewarding, challenging, creative, exhilarating and, ultimately, beautiful journey. You could hardly say that about the gym!”

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