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Granite is extracted from the earth in large slabs, which are then polished and cut to size for commercial and home use. It typically comes in dark shades of green, brown, and black but can be found in many different colours including pink, grey, and white or often a combination of colours, depending on the mineral composition.

How Is Granite Used?

Granite has been used in place of marble in many modern constructions. It is often found as a countertop surface in kitchens and bathrooms.
Granite was also used in several ancient constructions such as some of the Egyptian pyramids as well as several temples in southern India.

Due to granites inherent beauty and durability, it has long been recognised as one of the most appealing and versatile natural stones available. Granite is also used for:

• Paving, kerbs, and landscape features
• Tiles and decorative panels
• Exterior and interior cladding of buildings and structures
• Commercial countertops
• Monuments

Granite found on Mars

Towards the end of last year NASA published findings that suggest the planet Mars has formations of Granite. The findings suggest a much more geologically complex Mars than previously believed.

For years Mars was considered geologically simplistic, consisting mostly of one kind of rock, in contrast to the diverse geology of Earth. The rocks that cover most of Mars's surface are dark-coloured volcanic rocks, called basalt.

What does this mean to us Earthlings?

Some current and historical theorists believe that some ancient stone structures on Earth bear striking similarity to natural stone structures found on Mars.  The implication being that Martians were some of the original builders on our own planet. A fascinating thought!

As you may have read recently the global search for the first (Or so we think!) humans to set foot on Mars and make it their home has begun. Candidates will learn the skills they need to live on Mars during the 8-month journey to the red planet. Evidence of Granite suggests one of those skills may well be quarrying stone! Unfortunately it’s a ONE-WAY trip, so at this stage it’s unlikely that Stone Corner will be importing Martian Granite any time soon!

However, next time you call us for more information about our Granite stock, bear in mind that you’re considering the purchase of a stone that is truly OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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