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Customer service should be at the forefront of any business with statistics showing that as much as 92% of consumers in the UK have changed from one company to another  because of the poor level of customer service received. So surely every  business should be investing in their customer services if they want to retain  consumers and build brand loyalty. However, statistics are showing that this is  not always the case in retail with only 1 % of consumers reporting that  retailers consistently meet their expectations.

The PRIMUS Promise

PRIMUS Sales & Marketing Manager Vicky Tomline tells us "at PRIMUS we have an ethos that  focuses on customer service and we pride ourselves on offering each and every  customer the highest standards in both the quality of our products and the  service we provide." PRIMUS have set themselves against some stiff market  competition from larger homewares chains but Vicky explains "it is the PRIMUS  Promise that helps to set  us apart from other larger chains. As an independent homewares retailer we have  the ability to offer the personal touch to our consumers which is something  larger chains are unable to offer."

PRIMUS stock a large range of homeware, sports and leisure equipment, gardening supplies, health & beauty products as well as pet & wildlife supplies. Selling some of the biggest and well known brands, PRIMUS never sacrifice quality for  pricing. Many consumers may be concerned that affordable pricing often means a  lower quality product but with PRIMUS this is not the case. Vicky added "part of our PRIMUS Promise is that we check each and every product before it is added to our range so that we can be sure that the product meets our high standards."

Customer Experience

As an independent online homewares retailer, PRIMUS have an advantage in that they have the time to  listen to their customers thoughts and feedback. Many larger retailers seem to  have lost this personal level of contact with their customers and it has become  almost impossible to speak to a representative to make a complaint or discuss your requirements. No matter how big the retailer, the customers experience from products and services is the most important thing. Failing to provide a helpful and user friendly service could result in a reduced amount of consumers purchasing from your site.

Vicky explains "we offer our consumers the ability to  contact us direct with the ability to speak to a human which shows that we put our customers first. It may seem like the old fashioned way but we respond to  all of our customers within less than 24 hours unlike some of our larger competitors that make consumers wait days for a response." Whilst many retailers have worked hard to offer electronic responses to consumers to save  costs, this strategy does not impress consumers. This method of a ‘hands on’  customer service approach seems to be working in PRIMUS's favour as Vicky reports that business is booming. Maybe it's time that all retailers started considering their level of customer services and adopt the personal touch. For  more information please see www.primus.co.uk.  

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