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Spring has arrived and it’s time for a new look. Beauty brand Makeover Essentials is set to help women throughout the UK get the perfect look by offering a gift bag containing an assortment of everyday essentials. The £35 gift bag, contains one of the brand’s bestselling items, the ME Beauty Diary’. This set of eye shadows, lip glosses, mascara and lip pencil is valued at £35. Also in the gift bag, customers will find an additional four beauty items, making it excellent value for money. 

Included in the gift bag is a variety of cosmetic travel brushes, the Makeover Essentials’ ever so popular ‘Shimmer Powder Brush’ bronzer stick, the ‘ME Purse Petite Minis’; which boasts a selection of four natural eye shadow shades, a set for perfecting the smoky eyes look and four lavish lip glosses; and lastly a small handbook containing some handy make up tips. 

Fans of the Makeover Essentials’ brand will be delighted with prospect of two new products to emerge later this year. The first item will be the ‘ME Book of Colour’, which is rumoured to have a selection of shimmering eye shadows, bronzers, lip glosses, applicators and an all-natural blush. It’s everything a girl needs, in the form of a trendy and compact black zipper pouch. Secondly, the ‘ME Weekly Essentials Kit’s is dubbed to be the summer must-have. Containing an assortment of eye shadows, lip glosses, mascara, concealer and a lip pencil, these beauty essentials will come in the form of a neat and compact package with a pull out draw. 

About Makeover Essentials:

Makeover Essentials boasts a range of beauty products that have been designed for women who are always on the move. Most of the brands’ collection comes in a compact form, making them the perfect travel companion. 

The beauty brand are most looking forward to promoting their  gift bags throughout the UK, as well as educating women about their two new products they have coming later this year. Makeover Essentials hope to expand their market reach throughout the UK, but cities the brand is most dominant in include Leeds, London, Nottingham, Birmingham, Dublin and Belfast.


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