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MJ Experia Marketing feels that the marketing industry as a whole does not put enough pressure on producing results. The outsourced events marketing and sales company argue that providing measurable marketing results must become a bigger priority for agencies.

MJ Experia Marketing voices concerns over the recent 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report and The Fournaise Marketing Group’s Global Marketing Effectiveness Program, which both highlight problems with marketing agencies’ ability to provide a return on investment (ROI) for clients. The 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report revealed that a staggering 34% of businesses did not calculate inbound marketing ROI in 2013, and that a quarter of marketers reported that their top challenge in 2013 was proving the ROI of their inbound marketing efforts. 30% of marketing agencies surveyed said that proving the ROI of inbound marketing is their top challenge, a figure that is 15% more than the industry at large. The Fournaise Marketing Group’s report demonstrates CEOs’ growing impatience at a lack of measurable results from marketing departments and agencies. 78% of CEOs surveyed felt that agencies were not ROI-driven, an increase of 8% since 2012, and described marketers as ‘opportunistic’; 72% felt that marketers were not data or science-driven enough, relying instead on ‘gut feelings and hearsay’.

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Matt Wassall, managing director of Birmingham-based MJ Experia Marketing, describes the findings as ‘worrying’ and suggests that as CEOs become more results-savvy, many agencies will struggle to stay afloat: “We predict that 2014 is going to be the year where marketers will be held far more accountable for their results, as the Fournaise studies show a growing intolerance amongst business leaders towards poorly performing marketers. Simply put, without high expectations how can you expect a campaign to perform?”

MJ Experia Marketing use direct forms of marketing due to the importance they place on ROI. The firm specializes in face to face promotions and sales through events-based marketing and in-store promotions. Managing director Matt Wassall asserts that the methods used are heavily data-influenced, based on trends that the firm has analyzed over the last 12 months. Marketing and sales representatives are highly performance-orientated and MJ Experia Marketing sets daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets to ensure that client requirements are being met. “I find that it is essential to micro-manage the figures, otherwise there is a risk of going along the wrong path for a month or even a quarter of a year and causing a serious detriment to the effectiveness of the campaign. We report figures on a daily basis to every client we work with - we can very simply track how many customers are reached and exactly what the conversion rate is,” says Matt Wassall, managing director of MJ Experia Marketing.

MJ Experia Marketing provides outsourced events marketing and sales services for clients in the West Midlands and throughout the UK.

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