To join the free site trades-people and service-providers just have to access www.ourworker.com, upload their business details to create a profile and leave the website to do the rest. Each profile is listed within their area of expertise and available to local customers searching for workers.

As workers you can show examples of your work on your own photo galleries and outline details of yourselves and the services offered; your location is shown on a map together with contact details. You have your own dashboard and can search for workers of your own. You can also see how much customer interest there has been by checking activity on your own stats page. All of this is free.

A potential customer can easily see the services available and can speak to the service provider via ‘click to call’, or contact them through a messaging service. After work has been completed customers can rate the worker and leave reviews.

In addition as a customer you can build your own address book of workers, including a note pad, so that the good worker is never forgotten and can be contacted again in the future. You can message your friends to share workers with them. There is no charge for these services.

A premium membership is available. Workers can boost their profiles by being highlighted in search results, appearing at the top of listings and having larger photo galleries. This is free for those who are willing to renew it weekly or else this enhanced service is available for a small sum per month.

A spokesperson for www.ourworker.com says: “We recognised that local small businesses appreciate support when trying to reach new customers so the new mobile OurWorker.com was born. The site is simple and easy to use, with all details in one place. With our review and rating facility trades-people can be confident that great value work will be recognised. Customers can easily find quality rated workers and have the benefit of their own address books. Many other websites for workers charge large amounts to register – ours is free to both workers and customers!”

OurWorker.com – ‘The free search for local rated trades-people and services’.  Please visit www.ourworker.com or email info@ourworker.com  

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