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The report has found that home owners seem to be spending a large  amount on decorating, home improvements and general home maintenance. However, there was a time when home owners would hire a trained professional to carry out their home maintenance and improvements but more and more of us are now  investing in our own professional DIY tools and doing exactly that - DO IT YOURSELF. Since many of us are now obsessed with making our homes look just perfect, we need to find the perfect place where we can purchase those products easily.

New online DIY retailer takes the market by storm

Black Country homewares retailer PRIMUS (http://www.primus.co.uk) have taken full  advantage of the gap in the market for a professional online DIY retailer. Sales & Marketing Manager Vicky Tomline explained "we have put  together a comprehensive range of DIY and hardware tools which has been designed to suit both professional trades people as well as those who enjoy a spot of home DIY." The PRIMUS range can be found on http://www.primus.co.uk/diy-tools and  is vast covering everything from DIY to plumbing, plastering, work benches and  much more from some incredibly well known brands like Stanley and Triton standing as a testament to their commitment to quality.

Vicky continued "since launching our Professional and DIY tools range we have been inundated with orders from a variety of consumers making our online store a roaring success. Customers enjoy being able to order  their tools from the comfort of their home with a fast delivery." DIY and hardware stores can be daunting and expensive places to visit so it seems that PRIMUS have found a niche area and in tough economic times, it is positive to  hear that an up and coming online retailer is doing so well.

DIY and home improvement sector set to rise

It would seem that PRIMUS have chosen to branch out at just  the right time. NAPIT, a  Government approved trainer for trades people in the UK, has explained “The final bill of over £45,000 doesn’t even take into consideration additional monies spent on things like knocking through rooms, building extensions, or converting rooms, so in truth we suspect many people are actually spending  several thousands of pounds more." This news is a great encouragement to  online retailers such as PRIMUS and offers a real positive outlook on the future of the DIY and trades sector.

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