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Google are now frequently updating the way in which they analyse websites in terms of ranking but also in terms of what is legal and  fair. For many websites this has meant a noticeable loss in traffic and rankings and for some it has even meant penalties have been imposed against their sites. As a result, the entire online marketing industry are having to adapt and modify their SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies in order to help clients stay at  the top whilst still adhering to the constantly rules of Google. However, for  those refusing to adapt or remove unnatural links, they could find themselves facing a complete ban from Google and a dramatic loss of sales as a result.

Looking for a helpful remedy to remove a Google penalty?

With Google Penguins and Pandas, it is no wonder  that many website owners are becoming increasingly confused. Many do not manage  their own websites in terms of link building and SEO and have therefore been relying on a third-party to ensure their sites success.

Whilst this may have worked out well for some, there is a  large majority for which it has not and for those with websites, it could be damaging sales and revenue, especially in the case on online retail and  e-commerce businesses. However, there is help at hand, online marketing agencies are now starting to offer SEO audit and link removal services to help combat Google penalties. We spoke to Birmingham based SEO and internet marketing specialists Opace who have recently launched such a service. Managing Director David  Bryan explained "our new service is aimed at assisting those clients who either do not have the time or the SEO skills required to audit their own site. Through the services we provide, we can help clients to remove the unnatural and harmful links that Google now penalises against, making websites far healthier and ensuring they are in line with all of Google's current guidelines."

How an SEO audit and link removal (Disavow) service works

The services Opace offer seem to be fairly simple and also cost effective. Most SEO companies will charge you an ongoing monthly fee for this type of service, however, Opace will charge only a one off fee depending on the amount of work required, which could be as little as £350 for websites with under 1000 links. When asked how the service works, David explained  "we complete a full SEO audit of a client’s website, checking their full  backlink profile by using at least three different sources. From there we can  put together a comprehensive and detailed report on what a client currently has  regarding their backlinks and where changes need to be made."

David went on to explain that "once clients have their SEO audit and we agree on the action to be taken, we can then begin removing the  damaging links on their behalf and moving to use Google’s Disavow tool where we  are not successful." Removing links can be a time consuming and laborious  task that does not always get the required results first time round, which is why agencies such as Opace often have to reach out to webmasters several times  before resorting to using Google’s Disavow tool. David assured me that should they get no response regarding a link removal first time then they will try again and Google likes to see  evidence of this when assessing whether to remove a penalty. This new and innovative service from Opace seems to have arrived at just the right time to help those businesses struggling with updates to remain within Google’s webmaster guidelines whilst still having a successful website.

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