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In these days of social and business networking, it is becoming harder and harder to get out there and meet people face to face. However, the best relationships are always forged in person so it’s really important not to forget the importance of traditional networking. While business networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter are becoming more and more popular for generating new work and making new connections, it really is worth making the effort to get out there and meet people face to face. This is something that Boyd Parker, Managing Director of Pantheon UK, believes in passionately.

He says, ‘In my line of work, building great relationships is central to everything that I do. I simply would not be able to get away with relying solely on social and business media platforms in order to get ahead in business. My job is all about getting out there and making relationships in real life. I do this by ensuring that I am at every industry event and I also take the time to entertain clients using corporate hospitality. As a direct marketing and promotions expert, I cannot stress enough how vital it is that I am out and about in the business community building my profile and making new connections.’

Making new connections is certainly on his agenda this weekend, when he will be jetting off to Barcelona to attend an industry conference. Renowned speakers from all over the world will be there and it is an ideal chance to check in with the industry and hear all of the breaking news and developments. Mr Parker is very much looking forward to sitting back and absorbing all of the information that is on offer, but he is also making it his business to build new relationships while he is there. He has several networking meetings already fixed in the diary and plans to make the very most from his time in Spain.

Direct marketing is a tried and tested way of putting clients face to face with potential new customers and it is no surprise that companies such as Pantheon are in such high demand. The results speak for themselves and Mr Parker and his team are busier than ever.

He hopes to return to England with a handful of new contacts which could enable him to branch out and cast his net further afield. His ambitious plans for Pantheon UK mean that he is looking forward to more success in the future.

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