Search engine optimisation (SEO) has changed dramatically in the last few years, with the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates changing the search landscape beyond recognition.

Despite this, many publishers are relying on outdated SEO training that does not take into account recent changes or – worse – is actively harming their site's search performance.

Led by Adam Tinworth, this one-day course is fully updated to incorporate the latest Google changes, including the lack of keyword referral data and Hummingbird.

It will provide journalists and editors everything with they need to know about SEO and how how search engines operate.

Course description

The course will cover:

What is Google looking for?
  • The idea of "signals"
  • The role of links and "meaning neighbourhoods"
  • Why SEO is always changing – and how to cope
  • The role of social sharing
  • Keywords and ranking – a practical guide to producing optimised copy
How to identify relevant keywords – and use them
  • Writing headlines and snippets for search
  • Pictures in search
  • Intelligent linking
  • Negative factors in SEO - how not to destroy your search success
Repeated/poor content
  • Site speed
  • Over-optimisation
  • Poor keyword choice
  • Isolated content
  • Recency

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About Adam Tinworth

Adam Tinworth 200 by 200

Adam has more than five years' experience in training journalists in social media, SEO and digital journalism.

A journalist for 20 years and a blogger for 10, Adam now works as a consultant and trainer in digital journalism, social media and content strategy.

He is a visiting lecturer at City University on the journalism MA course.


"Adam Tinworth gave excellent tips that were focussed on the specific needs of the company I currently work for as well as helping me understand how Google decides what is 'high quality content'."
Natasha Gunn

"Good SEO is essential to journalism, and will be ever more so as the industry goes digital. Journalists can't afford to not know about this."
Jane Wild

"A very good and friendly teacher, Adam broke down complicated material in a simple manner."
Jason McGee-Abe

"I thought the course was excellent and was surprised by how much I was able to learn from just one day. I have already recommended to the course to a friend working in a similar industry."
Alex Anderson, deputy editor, Corporate Jet Investor