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Advice on Facebook Messenger bots from The Wall Street Journal

facebook messenger

Two of the people behind the WSJ Messenger bot, which launched earlier this year, share how other outlets can create bots to communicate with audiences 'in an authentic way'

Collaboration in the newsroom is key to The Economist's success on social media

Economist LINE

One year since it built an editorial social media team, The Economist learned a key lesson: collaboration at the point of creation drives success

The Collectors: The RTÉ documentary filmed entirely on an iPhone 6S Plus in 4K

Eleanor Mannion, the director of the documentary, tells about her experiences filming, and why the smartphone was the right device for the project

How one reporter covered the attacks in Nice and Munich with a mobile phone

Richard Gutjahr, reporter for German national broadcaster ARD, explained how basic mobile technology allowed him to cover the two attacks

5 ways to get more people to tune in to your Facebook Live videos

Follow this advice from Facebook for more engaging live streams before your next live broadcast

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Bookmark this list of resources to help you cover the US Election


Is your knowledge of US politics up-to-date ahead of the presidential election?

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PR of the week

AstraQom UK Officially Opens Sophisticated New Telecommunications Headquarters in Cranfield University Technology Park

AstraQom UK’s brand new offices for the global VoIP giant are now fully operational within the highly respected International Business Innovation hub at Cranfield University Technology Park

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How Note to Self crowdsourced stories about information overload from 30,000 people

The team behind the weekly podcast convinced listeners to sign up for Infomagical and fight information overload both individually and as a community

Hindustan Times uses Snapchat filters to enable sexual assault survivors to speak freely on camera

'I thought there must be a more accessible way to disguise someone’s face using new technology, and Snapchat was just that'

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