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Al Jazeera launches live audio streaming service for mobile-first audiences

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The web application is primarily aimed at people in the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia, where video news consumption is limited by poor internet connectivity

CNN and Washington Post are experimenting with voicemail for audio storytelling

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Love Story and ThisYearILearned are two of the projects the news outlets have developed to collect and share stories using voicemail

App for journalists: Lrn, for learning to code

Learn more about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python or Ruby during your coffee break or commute with this app

What's it like being a motor racing correspondent? Q&A with Kevin Eason of The Times

The Times' motor racing correspondent, Kevin Eason, on what his role involves on a daily basis and why keeping in touch with people is essential

3 key research findings about social media usage in the Middle East and North Africa

A new study highlights key developments and insights into how social platforms are used in countries across the region

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Bookmark this list of blogs to enhance your data literacy

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Whether you're looking for tips on creating data visualisations or just seeking inspiration, these 16 blogs can help

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Travel Writers / Researchers / Reviewers (Berlin & Edinburgh)

City Travel Review (CTR projects) - 2016 project member positions in Berlin, Germany (with language learning element), and Edinburgh Scotland (without language learning), between April-September 2016

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International Business Times UK steps up investment in quality journalism with a number of hires

LONDON, UK. 10 February 2016 – International Business Times which reaches 55 million monthly readers globally, today announces a number of additions to its UK newsroom across sport, science, health, news and pictures.

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How to deal with online rumours and debunking

Tow Center fellow Craig Silverman shared his advice on responsibly discussing rumours and debunking misinformation online in launching new study 'Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content'

Ophan: Key metrics informing editorial at the Guardian

The outlet's in-house analytics platform, designed to promote the 'democratisation of data', recently launched new features including a bigger focus on attention time

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