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The Washington Post sees opportunities for 'slow TV' on Facebook Live

camera producer live studio filming

The outlet is aiming to be more 'visual and visceral' on Facebook Live and avoid talking heads, says Micah Gelman, The Post's director of editorial video

Starting a journalism course at university? Here's how to make the most of it


Advice for student journalists at the start of the academic year

The Daily Vox is training young reporters to 'establish new traditions' in South African journalism

'What we cover is very much to do with what people are hearing and feeling, and the things that want to push us to a better and just society', explains Azad Essa, co-founder of The Daily Vox

NRS: More than 70% of The Independent's UK audience reads the title only on mobile

The share of mobile-only audiences is rising for UK news brands

Podcast articleHow Syrian refugees are finding their voice through mobile journalism

Imran Azam, organiser of The Art of Filming Meetup group, explains how he taught a group of refugees to tell their own stories using their smartphones

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Remember this advice for making the most of your research and interviews

Story threads

The same interview can become an article, a podcast and a video

Jobs board

Business news reporter

Undercurrent News, a leading business news site founded and managed by journalists, is seeking a London-based Senior Reporter who ideally speaks a second language

PR of the week

Make massive profits by selling your house with an internet estate agent

Selling a house is and has always been a hit or miss situation, especially for the uninitiated. When you are going about selling your property for the first time, there are a myriad of scenarios and outcomes that you are going to have in mind

Freelancers for hire


How Note to Self crowdsourced stories about information overload from 30,000 people

The team behind the weekly podcast convinced listeners to sign up for Infomagical and fight information overload both individually and as a community

Hindustan Times uses Snapchat filters to enable sexual assault survivors to speak freely on camera

'I thought there must be a more accessible way to disguise someone’s face using new technology, and Snapchat was just that'

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