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Can publishers ‘good-ad’ their way out of the ad-blocking phenomenon?

ad blocker

‘Ad-blocking is one of the challenges we face, but it's not a catastrophe, it's a good warning shot for our business’

Advice from Politico Europe for using audience data to build new products

product prototype idea

Kate Day, editorial director for growth at Politico Europe, says newsrooms conversations about data and metrics tend to be backwards

Multimedia storytelling platform Shorthand launches out of beta

Shorthand launched in beta in 2013 and has been used by news organisations such as BBC, The Guardian and The Telegraph

How the BBC used Yik Yak to get young people to talk politics and mental health

'Don’t underestimate millennials. Just because humour and gossip pervade on chat apps doesn’t mean that’s the only thing young people want to engage on'

Diamond project to launch as media diversity monitoring initiative in the UK

Diamond is a collaboration between the Creative Diversity Network and major UK broadcasters, including BBC and Channel 4

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Find out how to save evidence you uncover on social media


Research specialist Paul Myers explains why you should make sure you have a reliable record of the evidence you find online when investigating a story

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Programmer, Team Stream

This role is responsible for programming breaking news, commentary and analysis on our Team Stream app and sending push notifications via CMS. This position focuses on Football (soccer), Cricket, Rugby and F1 for the global market.

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PR of the week

Sell your House Online with iMoveEstates; the UK’s top Online Estate Agents

Wow what a bold title and statement! ‘Sell your House Online with iMoveEstates, the UK’s top Online Estate Agents’. What does it actually mean and is there some truth to the statement?

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How The Economist used virtual reality to tell stories through digital reconstruction

The publisher is using virtual reality to bring back to life the historical collection of the Mosul Museum, destroyed by the so-called Islamic State

Study highlights the diversity problem in British journalism

Latest survey findings reveal the industry is 94 per cent white, with women underpaid and under-represented

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