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3 key research findings about social media usage in the Middle East and North Africa

social apps

A new study highlights key developments and insights into how social platforms are used in countries across the region

So you want to be a travel journalist?

travel journalist

Rough Guides' Lottie Gross explains what her job as web editor is like, and tells us what traits those aspiring to work in this competitive industry must have

Distributed news: Inside Fusion's social storytelling team

Laura Feinstein, head of social stories at Fusion, gives an insight into the outlet's approach to creating content for Instagram, Vine and Snapchat Discover

Guards, rangers and pioneers: Study highlights 3 approaches to new media revenue models

The World Newsmedia Innovation Study looks at how media executives manage the challenges facing the industry today

12 lessons about live radio and building a relationship with the audience

Podcasts may have become increasingly popular, but live broadcasting is still a medium for delivering stories that matter

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Learn how to create a weather map with this guide


Here's how to keep your local patch informed of weather conditions with one illustration

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PR of the week

Bright Horizons wins the Business of the Year Award at the NCFD 2016 Grand Awards.

The National Centre for Diversity (NCFD) is delighted to announce that Bright Horizons has won the Business of the Year Award at the NCFD 2016 Grand Awards. Bright Horizons also featured at number 4 in the Top 100 Index.

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How to deal with online rumours and debunking

Tow Center fellow Craig Silverman shared his advice on responsibly discussing rumours and debunking misinformation online in launching new study 'Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content'

Ophan: Key metrics informing editorial at the Guardian

The outlet's in-house analytics platform, designed to promote the 'democratisation of data', recently launched new features including a bigger focus on attention time

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