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Building trust: The challenges for publishers in editorial and advertising


According to the latest report from the AOP, native advertising is the main revenue opportunity for publishers, while ad-blockers are one of the major threats. So what can media outlets do to preserve readers' trust?

Print is ‘just another device’ at The Economist


The weekly publication turned 172 years old in September. Deputy editor Tom Standage explains how the outlet approaches news on mobile and why he doesn’t see display advertising as a sustainable business model in journalism

App for journalists: WePress, for pitching your work to publishers

Get your work commissioned within a network of professionals with this free app

4 ways journalists can get help with their code

As more storytelling tools require some understanding of coding, where can you go for advice if you're stuck?

Radio storytelling in Sierra Leone: Giving children a voice

Teams of young African journalists are using radio as a medium for education, by participating in Pikin To Pikin Tork – an educational radio series for children affected by Ebola

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Learn how to write better tweets from this research

Twitter bird black and white

Get to know this advice for making your tweets more engaging

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Journalist with a foreign language

Fantastic opportunity for a linguistically able Journalist/Researcher to take full responsibility for a title based in London

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How to deal with online rumours and debunking

Tow Center fellow Craig Silverman shared his advice on responsibly discussing rumours and debunking misinformation online in launching new study 'Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content'

Ophan: Key metrics informing editorial at the Guardian

The outlet's in-house analytics platform, designed to promote the 'democratisation of data', recently launched new features including a bigger focus on attention time

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