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Weekly journalism news update: 'automated journalism', sustainable newsrooms and Newsrewired


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Jenni Sargent, managing director at First Draft, on language around false claims, reaching sceptical audiences and collaboration


As the UK 2019 election is approaching, we spoke to Sargent about the most efficient ways to tackle misinformation (and yes, it involves working with rival journalists)

BBC calls on Ofcom to help with transition from the analogue era to the digital world

Modernising the iPlayer has allowed the public broadcaster to win back a third of its young audience but changes are happening too slowly to compete with Netflix and Spotify

How can news organisations survive at a time of increasing reader needs and digital disruption?

In the ongoing aftermath of the Cairncross Review into the sustainable future of journalism, changes in news consumption and monetisation mean publishers need to think harder about keeping newsrooms open

AI-powered journalism: a time-saver or an accident waiting to happen?

'Automated journalism' generates news faster and in more detail than ever before, but it also gives rise to bias and erroneous reporting

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: How to stretch your resources


At a time of shrinking budgets and newsrooms, here are some strategies to make your reporting go further

Jobs board

Social newsgathering journalist

European Broadcasting Union is seeking a candidate that should have excellent news judgement as well as knowledge of the tools and techniques to discover and verify content. Based in Geneva, Switzerland.

PR of the week

Christmas Spending Survey 2019 - Results and Statistics asked more than 7,000 people in the UK about their Christmas spending plans this year, including when they start shopping, how much they spend, how many people they buy for, where they plan to shop, etc. Our article presents the most interesting results from our survey and it gives the UK plenty of Christmas statistics for 2019.

Freelancers for hire


Stand-up comedy: why showing that journalists are 'human' can boost audience trust

What happens when journalists try to deliver a punchline? Standup For Journalism project finds that humour can improve public perception of the media

Freelancer launching online platform that promises to treat writers and sources with respect

New digital magazine Lacuna Voices will feature underrepresented stories while paying freelancers upon submission - not publication - of their articles

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