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Eight newsroom beats you did not know covered climate change


Find a new angle for reporting on how climate change impacts people's lives, rather than just leaving it to science and environment desks

Podcast articleMental Health Awareness Week: the warning signs of burnout in editors


Excessive workload is not the only cause of burnout in the newsroom - lack of recognition and disillusion take their toll on senior staffers. Here is what you need to watch out for

'Speed dating' events help regional journalism students gain confidence and industry contacts

Class is often a forgotten aspect of diversity. Here is how Leeds Beckett University helps students from the north land a job in the media

More than words: how journalists can reassess their unconscious biases

"Harmful language does not only cause offense. It affects laws that are created, violence, and employment. It goes so deep, it’s about our lives."

New speaker announcement: Marverine Cole joins panel on diversity in the newsroom

Join us on 27 November 2019 to find out why newsrooms struggle to better represent their audiences and how media can improve diversity to regain people's trust

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Use these quick verification shortcuts


These easy-to-remember acronyms and go-to questions come in handy and save you time when assessing whether claims are true or false

Jobs board

Deputy editor

Yandell Media is a publishing and events company that specialises in niche markets and B2B. It is seeking a deputy editor, based in Milton Keynes.

PR of the week

How to make sense of large volumes of text-based information by focusing quality and key facts

Resoomer helps you process more articles each day, establish core ideas, and quickly interpret documents to improve productivity.

Freelancers for hire


Why journalism students are so afraid to talk to real people (and what we can do about it)

Up-and-coming reporters struggle to pick up the phone or talk to strangers for a vox pop. Here is what can help them grow in confidence

Remembering Lyra McKee

While the country is mourning the murdered journalist, we look back at her legacy

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