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Journalists are exhausted and we need a safe space to talk about it


Headlines Network has created free workshops to provide training and support for those who care about the mental wellbeing of themselves and their colleagues

WaPo and Social Spider use email to showcase the best - not just the latest - news stories


Newsletters are seeing a resurgence as time-poor audiences call for a simpler way to cut through the noise of the news cycle

Podcast articleInnovative US local newsroom strategies: SMS tactics with San Francisco Chronicle and L.A. Taco

In this special series, we talk about how texts can keep your readers in the loop with major news and help them tell you what they really need from their local news outlet

What makes a good writer? Human stories, active voice and an open mind

Author of the new book "Write Like You Mean It" Steve Gamel shares his tips on perfecting your style and storytelling techniques

Where is the problem in the diversity pipeline?

Diversity champion and editor of The Conversation Jo Adetunji says that newsrooms must stop hiring in their own image and young journalists need to learn to pester the pros

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Use simple formats to cover emotionally-charged topics


FAQs and Q&As can help minimise perceptions of bias when writing about topics that generate strong opinions

Jobs board

Associate editor

Editor wanted to produce regular news content and features related to the advancement of digital health in Europe / UK

PR of the week

Major golf championships accelerate sustainability drive with help from Swedish drinking water company Bluewater

Two Major golf championships - The Open and The Senior Open Presented by Rolex - are spearheading more sustainable sports events by ending the need for single-use plastic bottles with the help of unique drinking water solutions from Sweden's Bluewater

Freelancers for hire


South China Morning Post experiments with blockchain to record ‘shared human history’

The publisher will turn its archives into NFTs that can be viewed, collected and traded by the public. But why does this matter to a news organisation?

Preparing for the "cookiepocalypse" with first-party data strategies

The end of third-party cookies has cast uncertainty over the digital advertising model. Publishers like News UK are taking proactive steps to safeguard their future

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