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Is comics journalism making a comeback?

Pencil sharpenings

New projects are integrating traditional art with digital innovation, and the medium's proponents believe it can tell stories in a way other media may not

New WaPo 'flexible' homepage completes site redesign

washington post

The publishing process on the outlet's website is now entirely powered by Arc, a collaborative tool developed by engineers and journalists

WOW247 reaches one million readers three months after launch

General manager Steven Thomas explains how the recently revamped platform passed the milestone six months ahead of target, after relaunching in May

NRS: Most of national audience now mobile-only at 4 UK newspapers

The Guardian and the Express pass this milestone for the first time, while the Mirror and the Independent continue to grow their mobile-only audience past a 50 per cent share of the total

A year after James Foley: Safety advice for conflict reporters

Journalists are in greater danger in conflict zones than ever before, so what can reporters and news organisations do to make sure they are safe?

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Check out this advice for producing better data visualisations


Remember this guide next time you struggle with choosing the right way to illustrate your data

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RT presenter/reporter

RT International is looking for dynamic presenter-reporters to join our enthusiastic team in Moscow

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Interactive infographic puts the UK heart disease epidemic into perspective

Around 200 people under the age of 65 died of a fatal heart attack in the UK last year, figures released in August 2015 by the British Heart Foundation have revealed

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How to deal with online rumours and debunking

Tow Center fellow Craig Silverman shared his advice on responsibly discussing rumours and debunking misinformation online in launching new study 'Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content'

Ophan: Key metrics informing editorial at the Guardian

The outlet's in-house analytics platform, designed to promote the 'democratisation of data', recently launched new features including a bigger focus on attention time