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How Le Monde aims to reflect a range of voices ahead of the French election


Reporting from around 80 French cities, journalists from Le Monde want to find out what motivates people and what's on their mind

Piqd is combining expertise from academics, journalists and professionals to curate news

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The German start-up founded in 2015 launched an international version of the platform in February

Norwegian weekly newspaper Kommunal Rapport uses data journalism to build its digital presence

Since 2010, the title has increased its turnover by 40 per cent as a result of transforming into a digital-first news outlet

With Times Insider, The NYT is offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at the newsroom

Stories, newsletters and events from Times Insider help the publisher to be more transparent with audiences

Why Quartz puts user experience at the centre of its strategy

Jay Lauf, president and publisher, Quartz, explained why the digital news organisation is putting the user first

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Check out this advice for capturing better photos with your smartphone

mobile 360 phone camera picture

Improve the images you take with your phone with these tips for mobile journalists everywhere

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Assistant editor with potential to move up to deputy fast

Based in Worthing West Sussex, Energy Storage Publishing produces Batteries and Energy Storage Technology Magazine, the leading international quarterly for the battery and energy storage industry.

PR of the week

Live blogging just got more flexible, fun — and profitable

Live Blog 3.1 comes packed with new features, from scorecards for sporting events to native advertising options and real-time analytics. Also new and improved: is now available as a subscription-based cloud service

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Get with the program: The benefits of coding skills in the newsroom

Learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript may not be glamorous, but programming knowledge can help you engage audiences in different ways

How Note to Self crowdsourced stories about information overload from 30,000 people

The team behind the weekly podcast convinced listeners to sign up for Infomagical and fight information overload both individually and as a community

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