In recent years, Thailand has become one of the most preferred destinations in the Asiatic Continent. It's a charming country with unique landscapes and beautiful nature, it's a true paradise for those who look forward to laying on a white-sand beach and sunbathe all the time pampered by fresh blue ocean waves and 5-star hotel services.

Top Best Cities To Include In Your Plan


Thailand is also home to incredibly modern cities where you can admire the world's most amazing and highest skyscrapers ever built on the planet. If you are going to plan a trip to Thailand and you want to walk through such cities along with other underrates places, make sure to include in your travel plan the following cities:

  • Kanchanaburi in western Thailand and a step from majestic mountains

  • Krabi, a beach town on the southwest coast

  • Sukhothai, a small city near the ruins of the ancient capital of Thailand

  • Nong Kai, along the Mekong River in the northern province of Isaan

  • Petchaburi, an ancient city with many temples

  • Hua Hin, for a quick getaway from Bangkok into full-moon parties on the beach

  • As you can see, Thailand has everything for everyone, no matter if you want to visit the most ancient ruins and architecture or you just want to enjoy beach parties and crazy entertainments.

    Facts To Learn Before You Land To Thailand

    Although millions of people visit Thailand every year, most of them don't know how they should behave like tourists in the country. It's embarrassing and a shame to get fined for simple things like feeding monkeys or so. Before you land to Thailand, make sure you are well informed about the local way of life and habits.

    Take note of our list of fact below, you'll get perfectly prepared to enjoy a vacation to Thailand.

  • Entertainment and gambling
    Thailand is one of those countries of this world where gambling is formally banned yet it's commonly practiced not only in the form of illegal games but also legally, as the Thai government decided to allow gambling for foreign tourists and Chinese immigrants. However, if you want to try some typical casino games in the Thai-style, you can join the Esport industry in Thailand at, so you can play games and help the local doctors get funds to improve their work.

  • Don't feed monkeys
    As we've just mentioned above, you don't have to feed monkeys in Thailand. This country is full of monkeys and you can see them on the beaches as well as on top of trees in the villages. Resist from giving them any food because if you do that, they will be less likely to go and look for food themselves. Besides, monkeys aren't all but shy and if you dump on them, they might get closer and steal your bag.

  • Bartering with merchantsbartering in Thailand
    Only a very few places in this world allow people to barter goods with merchants or to ask them for a discount if there's not a visible price tag on an item. Purchasing things in Thailand (especially in local markets) is always much fun, it's lively, and it helps you become smarter and quicker in making good bargains!

  • Bugs and how to get rid of them
    Thailand is not only home to elephants and monkeys. It's also full of bugs of all kinds. Some bugs give unbearable itching that keeps people confined in their hotel room for even days in a row. So, one of the best things you can buy as you arrive in Thailand is a bug spray. Make sure to avoid spraying any perfumes because it attracts bugs, just use the bug spray and you'll be safe.

  • Bring some toilet paper with you
    Before leaving for Thailand, make sure to keep a container of toilet paper with you. Many bathrooms in Thailand don't have any toilet paper, they have a sort of hoses that most tourists can't use at all.

  • Stray dogs
    Another feature of Thailand is the impressive high number of stray dogs. It's been estimated that in Bangkok there are about 300,000 stray dogs. Avoid being too friendly to them if you don't want to have them all behind yourself while walking through the streets of the place that you're visiting. Stray dogs live in bad conditions but some locals give them food and water. You can feed them, too, but be also prudent.

  • If you are ready for traveling through Thailand, you just have to pick the best airline company, and start packing your travel bag!