Coronavirus news and resources

Six tips to make your journalism career thrive during and after lockdown

Take this time to recharge the batteries or update your LinkedIn profile

Posted by Joanne Mallon on 13/05/20

From gloom to boom: how to leverage the 'coronabump' subscription surge

Growing demand for information about coronavirus has led to a spike in online news subscriptions, offering the publishers a glimmer of hope for the post-pandemic world

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 12/05/20

How coronavirus is putting solutions journalism in the spotlight

By analysing evidence of success, solutions journalism can play a vital role in helping us pinpoint what is working to combat covid-19 and in keeping us well-informed, engaged and hopeful about our future

Posted by Giselle Green on 11/05/20

Covering covid-19 with a solutions lens: six insights from The Guardian

Use these tried-and-tested tips to add solutions journalism to your coronavirus coverage

Posted by Julia Hotz on 08/05/20

How to do solutions journalism from home

Two veteran journalists offer five tips to reporting solutions without leaving your living room

Posted by Julia Hotz on 08/05/20

Dying to get online: independent media’s 'last-chance saloon'

The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an economic crisis that is speeding up the need for newsrooms to change. But at what cost?

Posted by Robert Shaw on 05/05/20

Say why you #LoveLocalNews

The Bureau Local launches a new campaign to showcase the value of local and hyperlocal journalism

Posted by Shirish Kulkarni on 28/04/20

How broadcasters and the government can prepare young people for the next 'infodemic'

Broadcasters have a unique opportunity to capture younger audiences who are increasingly watching covid-19 news on TV, considering it more trustworthy than social media. For now

Posted by Solomon Elliott on 23/04/20

What will newsrooms look like after the pandemic is over?

The covid-19 crisis may prompt a once-in-a-generation transformation of the way journalists work. Have your say on how the sector will respond to challenges by completing the industry-wide survey

Posted by John Crowley on 17/04/20

How to set up your distributed newsroom for success

The Distributed Newsroom Playbook provides insights for news organisations and their teams making the transition to working from home

Posted by Tom Trewinnard, Fergus Bell on 15/04/20

'Coronabump' provides an opportunity for news outlets to grow loyal audiences

News publishers are enjoying record-breaking months in traffic and subscriptions during the covid-19 crisis. A new report by Deep BI reveals how to strike while the iron is hot

Posted by Jacob Granger and Daniel Green on 10/04/20

How does BBC Newsround report on the coronavirus for schoolchildren?

The current pandemic is a topic that all audiences find difficult to process. Here is what you need to factor in when your talk to the six to 12 year-olds

Posted by Jacob Granger on 09/04/20

CNN International launches new show about the ups and downs of WFH

For the first time, we are trying to keep the economy going by having such a large number of people working from their living rooms. CNN anchors - broadcasting from their homes - are exploring this uncharted territory

Posted by Daniel Green on 09/04/20

Tip: Use up-to-date and reliable covid-19 data

With coronavirus cases and deaths constantly rising across the world, here is a useful source to make sure you are using the latest figures in your coverage

Posted by Daniel Green on 09/04/20

New Slack group offers support for freelance journalists during the coronavirus crisis

Struggling to find your pitching mojo or looking for new commissions? Four freelance journalists set up an online community to help those in the same boat stay afloat

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/04/20

Tip: Add solutions journalism to your coronavirus coverage

Solutions Journalism Network has compiled a set of solutions-focused stories which can be republished under a Creative Commons license

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/04/20

Washington Post uses TikTok to engage quarantined Gen Z audience

The US publisher adds lighthearted content to its coronavirus coverage to help its 400k followers get accurate news and stay sane

Posted by Daniel Green on 07/04/20

New website to support furloughed journalists’ mental well-being through writing

The Focus, a news outlet borne out of the covid-19 crisis, helps out-of-job media professionals stay in touch with their core skills, giving ad revenue to a mental health charity

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 07/04/20

Tip: Producing podcasts from home

No need to compromise on podcast quality during lockdown. Duvets and socks can help get clean audio

Posted by Daniel Green on 07/04/20

Tip: Free tools and content to help you cover the covid-19 pandemic

American Press Institute rounds up some of the free tools and grant funding available to newsrooms to help with coronavirus coverage

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 06/04/20

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