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Sisi Wei, director of programs for Open News, on radical empathy during the crisis

With the racial injustice protests and coronavirus pandemic, the last few months have been tough for news organisations. What do newsroom leaders need to do now to create a network of support and change?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 14/08/20

Lottie Gross, freelance writer, on how to make travel writing work when you cannot travel

Finding freelance work in a lockdown has been a nightmare for many but travel writing was especially badly hit. Here is how the pandemic forced the industry to reinvent itself

Posted by Jacob Granger on 06/08/20

So you graduated in journalism. Now what?

Entry-level jobs are scarce, training schemes and internships are being cancelled. Here is what you can do during the pandemic to start working in the media

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 04/08/20

Kellie Riordan, managing editor at ABC, on how the broadcaster made podcasts a hit during lockdown

When the coronavirus pandemic forced people to work from home, commuters around the world lost touch with their favourite shows. But the Australian public broadcaster has enjoyed record-breaking months instead

Posted by Jacob Granger on 30/07/20

Tip: Make covid-19 data more accessible to readers

Create graphs and charts on the coronavirus pandemic in a way that can be easily understood

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 30/07/20

A future in journalism: four ways to gain work experience during the coronavirus pandemic

When internships and work placements are being cancelled or postponed, how can entry-level journalists carve a career for themselves?

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 29/07/20

What can governments, donors and tech companies do to save journalism?

Global Forum for Media Development creates media advocacy framework to help organisations campaign for better support of the news industry

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 27/07/20

Local or global, a virtual network of contributors improves newsroom resilience

While social distancing still dominates our lives, building a community of remote collaborators makes your reporting stronger, relevant and diverse

Posted by Carlo Simone, Marcela Kunova on 16/07/20

2020 challenge: retain new subscribers in a post-pandemic world

The news agenda is rapidly changing. Coronanews fatigue is real. How can publishers turn their 'coronabump' subscribers into loyal readers?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 15/07/20

The hidden impact of reporting on covid-19 from the frontline

From fragile mental health to separated families, eight international journalists open up about their work and life while reporting on the deadly pandemic

Posted by Giedre Peseckyte on 14/07/20

How The Conversation leveraged 'coronabump' to build loyal audience

The publication focused on encouraging first-time readers to become newsletter subscribers - and it paid off

Posted by Chris Waiting on 13/07/20

How can we improve team communication in times of working from home?

Leaders are pressed to be more mindful of their reporters’ working conditions, reporters are often painfully aware of how much pressure their editors are under. Here is how we can get through the crisis together

Posted by Newsrewired blog on 09/07/20

Digital News Report 2020: covid-19 accelerates digital shifts in the media industry

Latest RISJ research shows that while the pandemic has boosted subscription revenue, its financial impact on the news industry may outweigh the gains

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 16/06/20

“Hey Google, tell me something good”

To counter coronavirus news fatigue, Polish outlet launches a new smart speaker skill that brings listeners solutions journalism stories

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 15/06/20

EJC launches Freelance Journalism Assembly to support the self-employed community

The programme, designed to empower and connect freelance media professionals in Europe, will provide training, mentorship and online events

Posted by Adam Thomas, Marcela Kunova on 08/06/20

Can an ‘encyclopaedia of opinions’ help us have healthier conversations?

UK startup Parlia wants to build a complete database of what people think to help us understand - and mend - our polarised society

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 03/06/20

Six tips to make your journalism career thrive during and after lockdown

Take this time to recharge the batteries or update your LinkedIn profile

Posted by Joanne Mallon on 13/05/20

From gloom to boom: leveraging the 'coronabump' subscription surge

Growing demand for information about coronavirus has led to a spike in online news subscriptions, offering the publishers a glimmer of hope for the post-pandemic world

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 12/05/20

How coronavirus is putting solutions journalism in the spotlight

By analysing evidence of success, solutions journalism can play a vital role in helping us pinpoint what is working to combat covid-19 and in keeping us well-informed, engaged and hopeful about our future

Posted by Giselle Green on 11/05/20

Covering covid-19 with a solutions lens: six insights from The Guardian

Use these tried-and-tested tips to add solutions journalism to your coronavirus coverage

Posted by Julia Hotz on 08/05/20

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