Bitcoin: perfect for small amounts

As a purely digital means of payment, Bitcoin has advantages above all in the area of ​​payment over the Internet. In contrast to some other payment methods, Bitcoin is ideally suited for paying small amounts. This is also known as micropayment and usually means amounts from 1 cent to 5 euros. In principle, such small amounts can be transferred in the same way as larger amounts, but the relationship between effort and benefit is rather unfavorable. Bank transfers, direct debits and credit card payments often cause higher costs than the value of the goods purchased. 

Time is money - Bitcoins too

Then there is the time factor. Here is an example: A chargeable article in the internet offer of a newspaper is to be paid for. The amount can be paid within a short time using Bitcoin. This means that the amount will also arrive at the recipient during this time. A transfer, on the other hand, would take at least a day - and by then the article is no longer up-to-date. Other systems make it necessary to register in advance and top up a credit on the relevant website (pre-paid systems). Whichever alternative is chosen, in most cases it will take more time and effort than it would take to read the article yourself. 

There are many options for buying cryptocurrency, one of the most popular is the BITCOIN ATM, you can read more at of this, there are various systems that Could remedy this problem, but who wants to register with everyone? Bitcoin can score particularly well here, because the digital currency does not require registration. All you have to do is buy a digital wallet that you can use to pay anywhere. Since the spread of Bitcoin is continuously increasing and the euro rate for Bitcoins reacts accordingly, it can be expected that more and more providers will discover Bitcoin as a means of payment in the future.>

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John Thompson