Bitcoin as an anti-spam measure?

Reddit is a social network that has grown in popularity since its inception in 2005. In contrast to Facebook & Co., Reddit users usually remain anonymous, which has some advantages and disadvantages. The operators of Reddit regularly deal with spam (mostly computer-generated texts) and so-called troll postings. While the spam can be filtered out more or less without any problems, without even a user being aware of it, it is exactly the other way around with troll postings. At this point, however, Bitcoin comes into play. 

Causes of Internet trolling

The causes of Internet trolling can be very diverse and have not yet been researched in detail. This behavior manifests itself in mostly hair-raising troll postings with which the troll wants to provoke certain reactions from the community. This scam can lead other users to make ill-considered statements, which regularly leads to extensive conflicts. This mechanism appears to give the trolls a great deal of satisfaction. This makes them a real threat to any internet community. They not only reduce the flow of reading and entertainment value, but ultimately threaten the collective sense of belonging and the users' trust in the platform. Nowadays, cryptocurrency is tightly attached to everyday life, it may very soon be in all areas of activity of both large and small companies, you can learn more here

How do communities protect themselves from trolls? 

To counteract the trolls , resourceful community moderators have devised a whole series of measures, which, however, only guarantee effective protection in combination.Reddit has so far mainly focused on filtering messages on a technical level and benefits enormously from its established upvote and downvote system, which allows its users to decide for themselves which posts are worth reading and thus appear more visible at the top of the pages. Other platforms, such as Slashdot, are one step ahead here and have created a kind of internal points system that protects users from spam, but also rewards the authors of high-quality contributions. These points, which Slashdot tellingly called 'karma', are of no further use. You can neither exchange them nor buy any of them. 

The 'Bitcointip Bot' on Reddit 

A similar system for Reddit is now on the test bench. For this purpose, however, no fictitious 'currency' was created, but rather the tried and tested Bitcoin was used. The first beta tests with the so-called 'Bitcointip Bot' have been running for a few days. All interested parties are invited to submit suggestions and criticism in the corresponding subreddit under / r / bitcointip. 
Before you can reward other Redditors with a tip, your own Reddit account must be linked to a Bitcoin address . This works by sending a personal message to the bot's "bitcointip" account, as if sending a message to a real Redditor. In response, you will automatically receive a message with a freshly generated Bitcoin address.
The bot reacts to further commands that can be carried out via a personal message. Since these functions can still be changed, please only refer to the command "HELP", which refers to current information on using the bot. 
Whoever has his Reddit account with a Bitcoin address only has to fill his account in order to donate to other Redditors. There are three ways to do this. Active Redditors can receive a message from the Bitcointip Bot with the content "REDEEM KARMA: -Your Bitcoin address-" a minimum amount to experiment with. Instead, you can top up your account by receiving tips from other users for qualified comments. Finally, there is still the option of simply paying any amount externally to the address. 
A tip can now be easily paid directly via a comment or a PM. The Bitcointip Bot listens to the wording " bitcointip". In a response, the bot then confirms the transaction visibly for all Redditors. It should be noted that some functions can be temporarily deactivated or changed during the beta phase. Current information can be obtained from the above subreddit.

Development and chances of the bot 

The question remains what the operators of Reddit expect from this feature. However, this question is quickly answered. You can't expect anything from a feature you didn't expect. The 'Bitcointip Bot' is the development of a single Redditor and Bitcoin supporter with the pseudonym NerdfighterSean. The bot only uses the various possibilities of the Reddit API. At this point it should be mentioned that NerdfighterSean welcomes any support for the development of the Bitcoin bot. The source code was already published on github a few days ago. Thursday, and what effects the Bitcointip bot will have on the social network remains to be seen . Receiving real money in the form of bitcoins for qualified comments could be quite appealing to some of the 35 million active Reddit users. Especially if you like to write such comments today and completely without consideration. In any case, the 'Bitcointip Bot' is a good example of the diverse possibilities of Bitcoin and the advantages of open standards. in general. For the Bitcoin it is also another opportunity to prove its enormous potential.

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John Thompson