Blackjack, like any other PutWin online casino game, you need a strategy to start a good game. This does not necessarily mean that you know the secret to winning the game 100%. Instead, your own strategy is based on what matters to you during the game. First of all, you need to recognize that you will waste a certain amount of time. When you learn how to determine the probabilities of certain hands or cards, then you can make a further move based on these assumptions. But remember, this is all a fluke. So the most important rule for blackjack rule is to know what to do when you have a particular hand.

There are two types of hands: hard or soft.

These hands are split according to the Ace principle. In a soft hand, you have the option of counting an ace as one or eleven points. Most of the time it depends on the other cards in that hand. For example, if you have a jack, ten or better, then you will most likely have 21. If you have two aces, you should count them as a total of 2 otherwise it will be overkill. Although you should be interested in more than just hands and the ability to play them. How you sit at the table and behave is no less important than the strategy of the game. This in itself is a type of strategy. This is how it works:

You will sit down at the table with a certain amount in your account. This is the amount you are willing to use for your bets. Most of you have decided in advance that you do not want to lose a certain percentage of your money. A good rule of thumb is to stop playing when you have lost 40 percent of the money you came with. You must also determine how much in each round you want to place on the bet. This amount should be a percentage of the number of rounds you will be playing. Let's say you have two hours to play and you know you can play ten games in time. Your balance is, say, $ 50. For a ten round game, you can only afford a $ 5 per round bet. You should also decide that you are not going to bet any of your winnings.

In other words, you want to win 60 percent. Once you reach this, or if you have reached this amount, the game should be over. If you still want to play, then you start a new round with new money. All winnings must remain in your account. At least you will have at least this amount at the end of the game. You should also avoid playing insurance. Insurance betting will not bring you any income and is considered a bad strategy. Better place your bets per round, this will allow you to win much more money. This means that the steady rate remains unwavering. If you are losing a lot of money while playing, then you must leave the table. PutWin online casino (link to the official website: provides you with a huge selection of games: roulette, poker, slots, craps and much more! Good luck!