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Every modern car is equipped with an onboard electronic system of control and diagnostics, which collects data from different systems. However, in most cases car user only sees error messages, which give very limited information on the state of key systems. In order to gain access to advanced data from sensors and manage error messages, professional electronic tools have to be used.

You can find reliable equipment for car tuning and diagnostics at ECU Tools Diagnostic Equipment Store.

Onboard Diagnostic System

Since first onboard computers were installed on cars in early 1980-s, they were used for diagnostics of all important systems. Modern cars are equipped with a complex on-board network that consists of an electronic control unit (ECU), sensors, actuators and CAN-bus, which provides data exchange between different modules. Most key parameters from sensors are analyzed by ECU, but car users receive information on them only when their values differ from preset ranges. In order to gain access to all data from sensors, additional devices have to be connected to the car network through OBD-port.

Automotive Diagnostic Equipment

Currently, two main types of tools for car diagnostics are widely used at auto workshops – scanners, which are stand-alone decisions, and adapters, which are used to ensure a connection between onboard computer and PC.

Modern scanners are complex electronic devices that in most cases have LCD and controlling buttons. These devices have the following functions:

  • reading error messages and displaying advanced information on their causes;
  • resetting errors;
  • displaying key parameters that describe state and regime of main systems;
  • direct activation of car actuators;
  • changing the values of the variables, displayed at vehicles dashboard (mileage, service intervals, error indicators);
  • performing standard tests;
  • key encoding;
  • unlocking features, locked by manufacturer at low budget models.

Advanced scanners can also be used for making changes in the ECU map area in order to change the working regime of vehicle’s engine and other systems.

ECU Tools Diagnostics and Chip-tuning Equipment Online Store

ECU Tools is a Russia-based company that offers a huge variety of tools for diagnostics and chip-tuning, including:

  • scanners;
  • adapters;
  • flashers;
  • editor software.

Company provides only official equipment and only licensed software, so you can be sure that any solution you buy at ECU Tools will be safe and efficient. This online store is an official dealer of world’s leading manufacturers of chip-tuning equipment, including such famous brands as:

  • BitBox.
  • Chipsoft.
  • DrewTech.
  • Opel Scanner.
  • PCMFlash.
  • Quantex.
  • Magicmotorsport.

Payments by PayPal and Western Union are accepted, and your order can be shipped via national post services, DHL or EMS. Ordered software solutions (software keys, files, links and credits) will be sent to you by email.

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