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Probably the most popular GB Whatsapp features are those which enable you to conceal different kinds of personal information in your WhatsApp application activity. With this app, you can hide whether you've read a particular message, blue ticks which show that you've read a message, the message sender's name which shows who sent the message, a secondary red tick if you're typing a message, and a deleted message. These are just some of the ways by which you can safeguard your privacy online and keep unwanted people out. This article explores a few of these ways on GB Whatsapp.

GB Whatsapp

Privacy In GB Whatsapp - ‘Hide’ Feature

  • Hide Contact - You can hide the contacts in GBWhatsapp by selecting the show all contacts option from the main menu. This should be ticked or checked if you've added any new contacts recently. It would also be wise to remove any old contacts from the recent changes list on the main page. To do this, just click on email' and then click on 'add new contacts'. The new details should be shown there and so this should hide any contacts that have been added since your last chance. If you want to download GB Whatsapp, you can download it directly from the given link.
  • Hide email box - You can hide the email box on GBWhatsapp by ticking or checking the ‘show me only my messages' checkbox. With this ticked or checked, any incoming messages will not appear in the inbox. Similarly, the 'sent to' and 'read' boxes are also available with ticked values. The message body and subject area are also highlighted in red for easy viewing. You can hide the sender's name in this section if you want to.

You might need to adjust some settings to use these two useful apps for free: your profile picture and your photo album cover image. With your profile picture in place, click on the plus sign next to 'profile picture'. This will expand a drop-down list of pictures. Select all the pictures you want to upload and then click on the publish button.

The next section is a sub-tab in the above section: Global Settings. This sub-tab enables you to manage specific groups of people (accounts, contacts, etc.) and to switch between different groups using simple pop-up menus.

Third-Party Applications In GBWhatsapp

The last section is about third-party applications which can be installed through GBWhatsapp. If you haven't heard of them, they are usually sharing the same code as the free app but in a different package. These third-party applications can include widgets, shortcuts to GBWhatsapp, polls, and other features. These third-party applications are what make GBWhatsapp an even more powerful mobile app.

All this talk about the sensitive data contained in the contact list might scare some people off. But don't worry, this list is used exactly the way it should be used. The list is used to tick off all the contacts that belong to a particular business. And the information contained there is used every time the user ticks a box. The list has been enhanced by the addition of advanced features provided by what is probably the best application to date: HMAC Ticks.

So if you think that your business needs a better WhatsApp alternative, look no further than a custom theme. You can find some websites where you can download some free templates and have them modified to suit your needs. After you have downloaded the files, all you have to do is install the app and it's easier than you think. And just like the free templates, customized GBWhatsapp themes provide a better experience than the regular ones.

Themes On GB Whatsapp

A customized theme is an extension that allows you to manage the media files on your GBWhatsapp better. For example, you can change the images and videos to something a bit more personalized and personal. With a custom theme, you can also create a folder where all the important files are stored and assign different names to them. This is a much better way to ensure that you always have access to your important files, especially if you use your phone number a lot.


iPhone users who want to learn how to freeze my last seen on an iPhone would probably be interested in knowing how to get back what they saw on their smartphone, especially if it was a long time ago. A lot of people use their phones as their main communication tools, especially with their friends and business colleagues. However, sometimes a business meeting or a social gathering can turn out to be quite boring. So instead of waiting for the person to show up in real life, you can make them come to you by using your smartphone as a file manager, allowing you to view your files from your bed or any other place.

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