The Main Essay Writing Guidelines

The term “essay” comes from the Latin word “exagium” meaning “evaluation.” An essay is a prose written work of a free composition and small volume, which expresses individual points of view and feelings in regard to a particular occasion or question, and does not claim the defining or exhaustive interpretation.

An Essay Structure and Plan

There are certain requirements that define the essay structure:
1. The author's thoughts regarding the problem must be presented as short theses.
2. Each thought should have its basis, that is why one or more arguments must follow every thesis.

Arguments are facts, grassroots phenomena, events, life situations and experience, scientific evidence, citations of different authors’ points of view. It is better to provide two arguments to the benefit of each thesis (one argument may not be enough and three of them can overload the essay). Therefore, the essay obtains a circular structure:

1. Introduction.

2. A thesis followed by one or more arguments.

3. A thesis followed by one or more arguments.

4. A thesis followed by one or more arguments.

5. Conclusion.

When one writes an essay it is important to take into account the following:

  • An introduction and conclusion must focus on the problem (you set it in the introduction and sum up in the conclusion).
  • You should preserve paragraphs and new lines, and logical connections between them to achieve the integrity of the work.
  • The narrative style is emotional and expressive. Short, simple and different intonation sentences produce the desired effect.

The Main Essay Writing Rules

1. There is only one formal rule in writing an essay and it is the presence of a title.

2. The inner essay structure can be random. As it is a small written work, it is not obligatory to repeat the conclusions in the end as they can be included in the main body or even the title.

3. Arguments can come before the theses. Problem formulation may differ from the final conclusion.

4. In contrast to a report, which is addressed to any reader, therefore, starts with “I would like to tell you about...” and ends with “I came to the following conclusions...”, an essay is a phrase, which you tell to a prepared reader. That is a person who is broadly speaking understands the idea you are going to mention. It helps the author of an essay to concentrate on the disclosure of the new material rather than clutter the text with unnecessary details.