Gambling: mobile applications, enemies of tobacconists?

Gambling: mobile applications, enemies of tobacconists?

For nearly 24 months, sales of smartphones and touch tablets have been growing exponentially. From them, it is possible to do almost everything, from booking a train ticket to shopping online, through the management of bank accounts and online games. Behaviors are changing, as players need more mobility and reactivity.

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The FDJ offers applications for mobiles and tablets

On the FDJ Store, it is possible to download many applications to play gambling games from mobile devices. The Euro Millions application and the LOTO application are very successful, they have been downloaded 1.7 million and 1 million times respectively. Just like at the local tobacconist's, players can validate their grids while taking advantage of the many classic options (Flash numbers, Last Minute, Multi-options, etc.). The FDJ Scan even allows you to validate your account by scanning your photocopy of identity. Many of the games offer the best online casinos in India.

Similarly, for sports betting, the ParionsWeb application has been downloaded more than 300,000 times. It is possible to access all your bets in real-time. However, it is not yet possible to make a bet. Finally, the FDJ offers applications for lovers of scratch cards. The "Poil à gratter" game has been downloaded 21,000 times and brings the game to life with 3D animations.

The number of players is growing

Just take a look at the FDJ's 2012 results to realize that gambling does not suffer from the crisis. On the contrary, thanks to it, a record turnover of 12.1 billion euros ( 6.1% versus 2011) was achieved in the last fiscal year.

Within its sprawling network of 34,300 points of sale, more than 26.5 million players were counted. It should be noted that sales generated on the Internet reached a total of 400 million euros, and 2013 revenues are expected to soar. The Euro Millions has increased by nearly 7% and scratch cards by 1.2%. The latter represents more than 44% of the FDJ's total revenue.

Poker and sports betting: real-time games

Regarding other types of gambling, many online poker operators offer applications on the AppStore (iPhone/iPad) and Google Play (Android). Players can play anywhere and anytime, no need to be attached to their computer to start a game.

Similarly, when it comes to sports betting, more and more players are betting during a game from their home, and even from a bar or even the stadium. This need for mobility and reactivity pushes players to choose more and more mobile terminals.

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What about tobacconists?

In such a context, we can wonder what will be the future of tobacconists in front of this breakthrough (probably lasting) in mobile applications. Clearly, for many gamblers, going to the tobacconist's and scratching a game or completing a LOTO grid is a pleasure that is almost a ritual, reported The risk of seeing such a network disappear is not programmed in the medium term. However, let's not forget that France is the second most connected country in the world (just behind Norway with an equipment rate of 35% - Zenith OptiMedia study).

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