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Imagine yourself… You check the time on your diamond encrusted Rolex as you pull out of your ridiculous Vegas pad's 5-car garage. You're late, better hurry.

Your left index finger flips the paddle shifter on your black Ferrari 458 Spider and you stomp the gas. You're glued to the seat until you're forced to back off on the throttle, of course there's traffic ahead. The main event started an hour ago and you're still 20 minutes out. Your head's pounding like crazy, and it's no wonder, you were up until almost 4 am. Once again the strippers stayed well after the party ended. They always have so much energy… Whatever, so you'll miss the first few hands.

Tough life.

I could try to sell you the "baller lifestyle," with claims that my offer will turn you into the next Ivey or Durrrr. It would be fun, and it's tempting… but not really my style.

I guess if I was trying to dump some "poker secret weapon" that guaranteed to transform a player from a -16bb/100 loser into a high-stakes pro, I'd have to go that route. But that's not what I'm doing.

The tools and information I'm offering here will make big improvements in your game. That statement may not be as exciting as strippers and Ferraris, but you should be intrigued. What poker player doesn't want to see improvements in his game?

Before I get into the details, I need you to make a deal with me. If after you read this page through to the bottom you feel that it could improve your game – you try it.

If you can't agree with that, you really should take off before you waste your time. This offer is designed for players that really want to improve and are willing to invest a little effort. When successful players see an opportunity to increase their win rate, they jump on it. So if you can agree to that, please read on.

Do you know how to leverage every stat on your HUD to maximize your profit in every situation?

Of course not, we can all improve in this area. It's a fact. You're bleeding chips in spots you should be stacking chips. Don't worry, it's not just you. Very few players really understand how to find serious edges using their HUD. For the first time ever, a product is available that will boost the power of your HUD and cause your win rate to explode! Ready to boost your poker profits?

I'm not real big on talking about myself. This'll be short and sweet.

I'm not well known, I don't post much in the poker forums, and I don't brag about my success. Poker to me is a source of income, not the source of a big ego.  I've been beating this game for over three years and coaching in some form for most of that time. While I still enjoy playing, my passion is now teaching. I just thought you should know where I'm coming from.
What I'm offering here is the result of hundreds of hours of research, tweaking, writing, programming, and analyzing... I'm giving you the opportunity to skip past all of that and get right to the payoff - more winning sessions, an improved win rate, and a fatter bank roll.

You can probably agree, the HUD feature built into your poker tracking software is only as good as the HUD configs you have installed. Since every poker variation needs a different HUD, it's important to have thoughtfully developed HUDs for all the games you play.

The Hardcore Hand2Note HUD Pack is a collection of the best HUDs available for Holdem Manager. Each HUD is fully color coded and optimized for your game. This provides you with instant information about your opponent, allowing you to play more tables and make less mistakes. All HUDs come with custom pop ups that show meticulous detail. All the information you could ever need is right where it should be, helping you find what you want, when you want it. To sweeten this amazing deal even more - how about a flat 10% OFF discount on all Hand2Note plans! Grab the latest Hand2Note coupon codes right here and save some cash!


The layouts shown above are the layouts used in the 9 main HUDs you'll get with this package. I've made each one into 3 versions, one for no-limit cash, one for tournaments, and one for limit holdem. Each version's color coding is optimized to the biggest winners online.

Here's a list of all the HUDs you get with this package!

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John Thompson