Macujo Method

Are you appearing for a hair follicle drug test and wondering if you will clear the test or not? If you wish to pass a hair follicle drug test, then we are sure that you heard about the use of vinegar to qualify that test. The use of vinegar is massively followed to make the hair free from toxins so that one can pass the hair follicle drug test easily. If you read in detail then you will come to know that this method of detoxification of hair is known as the Macujo method . This method will help to extract enough toxins from your hair so that the drug test report comes out to be negative.

How this process works

This method of Macujo has become popular to beat the hair follicle drug test. So, here one should understand the Macujo method steps to gain the benefits of this process. At first, it is necessary to know the items you will need to go through this process. You will need

  • A shower cap and goggles
  • Use and throw gloves
  • White vinegar and warm water
  • Shampoo that can clean your hair from toxin
  • Clean towel and clean comb.


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Instructions to follow

There are certain tips to follow the Macujo method successfully. Specific steps are there that are required to be followed by an individual who wants to pass the hair follicle test. The study below shows the Macujo method instructions and everyone should follow these instructions.

  • At first, wear gloves and goggles. Then rinse the hair with normal water to remove the oil and other residues from the surface of the hair. This process will open the hair cuticle and flush the hair shaft.
  • Now apply vinegar. The acidic content of the vinegar will help to open the hair shaft and clean the drug residues. Now ear the shower cap for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse the hair thoroughly.
  • Now take detox shampoo and apply on your hair. This shampoo contains propylene Glycol that helps a lot to remove toxins from your hair. So, you need to study more and check the Macujo method reviews to get a clearer idea about this method.
  • Continue this method 3 times a day before you appear for the test.

But before applying this method you should understand the limitations of this process. This process is advisable to apply if you need to pass a drug test.

By this time, you know how you need to make use of Vinegar for qualifying in the hair follicle drug test. The method is very simple to follow and we are sure that you will come out clean when you follow the method strictly and come out clean in the test.

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