Holiday herring in the Netherlands.

2. Holiday herring in the Netherlands.

Can such a specific product of the sea - how to symbolize the famous holiday?

In order to understand this holiday, you need to know his story. Up to the fifteenth century, people did not eat this fish with sufficiency - it was considered not worthy. She was not loved due to the strong smell of fish oil and bitter taste. The reason for this bitter was its gills, together with which the fish was prepared in those days. Searer fed on beggars and monks. And the king of Louis is nineteenth saint sent it as alms for the leen.

And once one fisherman whose name is Villem Jacob Bekels, has come to remove the gills from the searer, and so that the fish does not spoke to the arrival of the ship to the shore, began to put it in the barrels layers and each layer to spend salt. Thus, in returning home, the Villa has already been ready-to-eat product - a small-headed selection.

Starting from one thousand three hundred and ninety-year, saline searer began to deliver to the large cities of Holland. But only three years later, this product received recognition throughout the country. And very soon the searer fell in love not only ordinary people, but also monarchs (first of Europe, and then and the whole world). So it's not surprising that the arrival of fishermen with a catch was an important event, which in the future turned into a holiday, which now we know called the holiday of the Serylo.
This holiday in the Netherlands is celebrated on the first Saturday of June. It is believed that by the end of May - the beginning of June, the searer has perfect size and feeds up to fourteen percent of fatty, so this catch is considered special.

On this day, the port of the coast of Schefeningen is decorated with flags, hence another name for this holiday - day of flags. Music plays, air snakes fly to the sky, ships are going on the water, both old and modern, the volley of old Dutch rifles is heard everywhere. Everyone can enjoy the first selection of the season - Hollands Niuwe. According to tradition, the first barrel with herring (Haring) is presented by the royal family as a gift. The second barrel is sold at the auction (all funds received from sale go to charity). The selection remained after the auction is sold to ordinary people who are dressed in national costumes on this day. There is a custom of eating a low-headed selection: its purified is loose in the sliced ​​bow after which the fiszy is in the whole.

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