Sports Betting in Africa: Betting Sites and Apps in South Africa

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Sports Betting in Africa is a popular pastime for both the rich and the poor, with people betting on them in hopes of making some money. It is also an escape for many who can't find regular employment. 

There are over 300 000 places where bets are made every day, not including the thousands that take bets online. This habit has created significant economic growth opportunities within Africa that include everything from providing jobs to supplying materials to running websites where betters can place their bets

Betting Sites South Africa

Betting Sites in South Africa have a large client base and since it's a free market, the competition has become fierce, with each site looking for ways to outdo each other. Online betting sites have created a "win-back" bonus, where after winning a bet, the winner will be refunded his money as well as receive bonus money from the sportsbook. This makes it more attractive for players to give the site another try after losing their first wager.

In addition to these bonuses, sportsbooks have been known to have specials that can include free picks and money back offers on certain bets like total or over/under. These bonuses and specials help increase traffic and retention of players.

South Africa has very strict gambling laws, and these laws are enforced by the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Betting and gaming clubs that operate legally in South Africa must be licensed and regulated. When a person registers as a member of a betting club, it is actually considered a business and the player is required to pay taxes on their earnings. The SARS will not issue licenses to unlicensed business's.

As of 2005, all sportsbooks based in South Africa obey the odds set by the National Lotteries Board (NLB). The NLB sets odds for different sports such as football, horse racing and cricket. When these odds are set, they are distributed to several different entities such as the South African Gaming Association (SAGA), the Sports and Lotteries Board, and the various betting operators licensed by SARS. The SAGA then distributes these odds to all sportsbooks in South Africa.

The gambling industry has benefited greatly from sports betting and horse racing. The SA Jockey Club who is responsible for horse racing in South Africa has made a lot of money off of betting on these events. Sports books have also capitalized on this industry by creating their own events to boost business. One example is the Cape Town Cricket Festival which is an annual cricket tournament that takes place at Newlands Cricket Ground during Easter weekend.

Horse Racing South Africa

South Africa Horse Racing is another popular bet. The South African Horse racing betting has benefitted tremendously from the influx of sports books in the country. Thoroughbred Racing in South Africa is regulated by the Department of Sport and Recreation whose main objective is to ensure that thoroughbred racing remains strong for years to come. This system allows all interested parties to have a say, which helps generate higher morale among the thoroughbred racing industry.

Another popular form of gambling within Africa are lotteries. The South African National Lottery (SAL) was created in 1995 as a way for people who couldn't afford to buy lottery tickets monthly, to buy them once a year at once thus creating income for the government and economy at large.

Sports betting in Africa is not considered a major contributor to the GDP of the nation. Now there is a debate whether sports gambling should be legalized and regulated by governments and tax authorities to maximize profit and reduce tax evasion. Many think that legalizing sports betting will help to promote better online security practices, while others believe the country should stick to other popular economic activities such as mining.

In 2005 an official from government said, "Africa should develop its own internet regulatory body in line with global standards." In his opinion, this allows them to regulate irresponsible gambling websites while still making sure that online betting sites are profitable enough for players who wish to bet.

Betting Apps South Africa

Betting Apps South Africa is the leading app store for betting apps like McIDAS. These apps are created by companies that specialize in sports betting. These companies make these apps available to all interested bettors who wish to use them. This way players get the best odds possible since they can get information about the game before it even starts. The app also allows players to place bets before games start, which is highly appealing to people who want to juice their odds or pick an upset win. These apps allow gamblers to place bets on any sport and sports betting statistics can be viewed in real time. This way if a player does not want to get glued to the TV, he/she can get all the latest information about their favorite teams or players that day. This app store is available for iOS and Android users.

Many people think that legalizing sports gambling will increase the crime rate in their country and ruin their economy, but this is completely false. Several studies have been done over the years and they show that legalizing gambling actually causes a decrease in crime because of increased tax revenue and job opportunities for local residents and expatriates alike.

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