The biggest deals in sports history

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The biggest deals in sports history over the years have changed the fortunes of countless teams and players for better or for worse.

Whether relationships got in the way or payroll issues became insurmountable, these ten professions have shaken the sporting landscape for years to come.

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1. Patrick Roy to Colorado Avalanche

Patrick Roy is considered one of the best NHL goaltenders of all time: three Vezina trophies, three Conn Smith trophies, five Jennings trophies and four Stanley Cups prove it.

But that didn't stop Montreal Canadiens coach Mario Tremblay from humiliating Roy on December 2, 1995. As a former roommate and long-time opponent of Roy, Tremblay decided to keep the superstar goalie in goal for the duration of the crushing 11-1 defeat to Detroit. Red Wings.

The move was widely seen as malicious, given that NHL goaltenders are usually quick to pull out of lopsided games or rough starts. After the game, Roy definitively stated that this was his "last game in Montreal".

He was quickly traded to the Colorado Avalanche in a shockingly one-sided deal that won its first Stanley Cup a few months later.

2. Alex Rodriguez to the New York Yankees

A-Rod is a polarising personality with huge celebrity even for a professional athlete. But no matter what you think of his attitude, he was an absolute stud in the 2003 season.

When the Texas Rangers decided they could no longer meet his salary demands, A-Rod had just won his second Gold Glove and became the youngest player to hit 300 home runs. Oh yes - he was also the reigning AL MVP.

After the Players Association vetoed a major deal with the Boston Red Sox that included Manny Ramirez and future star Jon Lester, A-Rod agreed to switch positions and play third base with the Yankees.

3. Ricky Williams to New Orleans Saints

The Ricky Williams deal is a classic love story gone wrong. It's something we've all seen before - an overzealous fan drops everything in pursuit of a potential flame that just can't return the favour.

Before the 1999 NFL Draft, New Orleans Saints coach Mike Ditka was fascinated by University of Texas star running back Ricky Williams. Ditka was convinced that landing Williams was the key to the Saints' future success, and he was willing to do whatever it took to select him in the upcoming draft.

"The Washington Redskins decided to play matchmaker with a first round pick and the fifth overall pick that got Williams to New Orleans. But the deal cost the Saints every remaining pick they had in the draft .

Williams ended his first season dimly, in which the Saints went 3-13. Ditka was fired, leaving his predecessors in the unfortunate position of having to spend $15 million and sign 27 free agents to make up for lost draft picks.

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4. Eric Lindros to the Philadelphia Flyers

The Eric Lindros deal can only be described as a deal beyond blockbuster: one player who hadn't played a minute in the NHL was traded for five players, several first round draft picks and $15 million (over $28 million to date.) ) in cash incentives.

The story begins with Eric Lindros, who flatly refused to play for the Quebec Nordiques after they selected him as their first pick in the 1991 NHL Draft. Desperate to get a promising prospect, the Philadelphia Flyers offered the Nordiques the incredible terms described above for the biggest deal in NHL history.

They made the playoffs in the 1992-1993 season for the first time in five years and won two Stanley Cups in the next decade after moving to Denver as a Colorado Avalanche team.

Eric Lindros missed the 2000-2001 NHL season due to a personal dispute with the Flyers. "The Avs won the Stanley Cup that year thanks to the efforts of Peter Forsberg and Alex Tange, a draft pick from Lindros' trade nearly a decade earlier.

5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the Los Angeles Lakers

At 7ft 2in tall, Kareem was literally and figuratively a huge figure by the time the Milwaukee Bucks traded him to the Lakers in 1975. Known as a gentleman, however, Kareem found a way to express his frustrations with Milwaukee towards the end of the 1974-1975 NBA season.

Although he never had any problems with the team management or coaching staff, Kareem simply felt that his lifestyle was incompatible with anything other than a major coastal metropolis. He insisted on a trade to Los Angeles or New York, and the Lakers eventually granted his wish in one of the biggest NBA trades in history.

This exchange marked the beginning of the "showboat era" of Lakers basketball, with Kareem at the helm compiling almost every NBA record in the book as the team won five NBA championships.

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