We celebrate New Year in Paris

In the New Year, we always try to give our relatives and loved ones as possible, joy and, of course, love. After all, that helps to express your attachment better than an elegant gift under the Christmas tree, by chance "forgotten" New Year's surprise under the pillow, a bright firework outside the window or ... an unforgettable trip to the capital of love - to Paris. Classics claim that this city is beautiful at all times, but in the new year it looks completely different. Decorated with garlands showcases and facades of houses, thousands of multicolored lanterns on trees and walking through the streets of Santa Claus.

Parisians celebrate this holiday noisy and fun, so if you want to meet the festive midnight in a traditional style: on the street under the hours of hours, the ringing of glasses and the screams "Bonne Annee!" - You will have such an opportunity. On the eve of New Year's Eve, you can go to the Champs Elysees, where the people are already beginning to be gathered from 9 pm. Instead of the festive Christmas tree, the Eiffel Tower here, which, exactly at 12. 00, flashes with bright lights, like the most real New Year's beauty. If you were fortunate enough and snow fell in Paris for the new year, you can witness the fun ski racing on the slopes of Montmartre.

Take part in this improvised slalom can everyone, so capture with you from the house skis. In the event that you do not assume yourself to fans of skiing, but at the same time you wish any winter entertainment, go for a rink. He is right on the square in front of the Mary, not far from the building, known as the "Wedding Pie". It is noteworthy that this building is the fact that on its facade you can see the figures of the 146 most famous inhabitants of Paris. A pleasant surprise: For riding a rink, you will not even require money, you will have to pay only for hire of skates. Another rink, which is necessary to visit, is located in the Eiffel Tower, on the first floor. It is significantly less than the first, but it does not make it less popular among residents and guests of the city. But on January 1, Paris continues to live a festive life. On this day, you can witness a wonderful spectacle - a parade iony, when hundreds of degraded people in the New Year costumes march the streets of the city, accompanied by music and neon lights. If you go to Paris with children, be sure to visit Disneyland. There, together with the favorite all Disney characters - Snow White, Mickey Mouse, Donald, Rapunzel - and headed by Santa Claus you can take part in the Christmas parade on the fabulous city. In short, Paris is always ready to give you a magic Christmas fairy tale and your love. https://sex-tumen.prostitutki72.com

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