Keith Crane

Regular contributor to: China Central Television, Tax Journal (UK), Ethical Performance (UK), CosmeticNews (UK), Tianjin Plus, Business Tianjin (China), York Evening Press,, Rough Guides, OoskaNews (US based water industry newsletter), DHL Delivered, Raconteur

Other information: China is important, and western media is only just waking up to it! I've been here 12 years now, so I know what's going on. You need to tell your readers, listeners and viewers what's happening and how it affects them - because it does. So contact me first to explain it, clearly and succinctly. Find out what's really happening in the country of 1.3 billion people, the world's second largest economy and its influence on YOU!

After twelve years in four different Chinese cities, from north to south, I am now based in Shenzhen, next door to Hong Kong, where China's opening up and reform began 35 years ago, and continues to this day. This gives me a unique insight into the country, added to by extensive travel. From the manufacturing heartland of Guangdong, the far reaches of Tibet and the politics of Beijing, I have an insight into what is happening in and driving this country.

You need a contact based in China who can bring you up-to-date news, features and photographs across a range of subjects expertly tailored for your readers, listeners or viewers.

I have my finger on the pulse and can bring you timely relevant stories, comments and features.

No commission too large or small. Contact me first!

"Adds gravitas and variety"; Ron Godfrey, Business Editor, York Press.

My background: Ten years UK regional journalism; 12 years PR, ten years in China, working and in print and broadcast journalism.

Extensive photographic portfolio of various Chinese cities available.

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