Regular contributor to: France Television, RT, French News, Al Ahram, DK Travel Guides France and

French & European correspondant Diplomatic Observer, ZBNews New Zealand Radio

Other information: 2014 Private writer for European Commission
2009-10 News Editor French Week
Until 2008 Editorialist French News- editorials, features, interviews, politics, Europe, business, court reports, translation, editing and photographic work.

Bilingual English-French
Articles/research regions. Regular broadcasts about France TV and Radio.
Biography of Segolénè Royal 2007. Translated and annotated Témoignage by Nicolas Sarkozy 2006.

Links to my work:
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'Philippe Starck in conversation with Maurice Lévy: arranged and translated

Putin’s pipelines

The political side of soccer: immigrants and football

Sarkozy's war, Al-Ahram Weekly

Skiing legend Emile Allais celebrates 100th birthday

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