Regular contributor to: Contributor to numerous newspaper, magazine and website travel pages; and, for example, Associated Press (refugee crisis, Oktoberfest) and various business magazines.

Other information: I am currently working as a freelance writer for a number of publications in Britain, Germany and the US. This includes as an occasional contributor to British newspapers the Guardian and the Telegraph, and the Centurion 'lifestyle' magazine website.

I am proficient with InDesign and edit texts and layouts for various publishing houses, both at home and in-house.

I have written for CNN, Forbes and Fodor's and numerous other travel magazines, websites and books.

My background is in history and my history of Munich book, entitled 'Munich: From Monks to Modernity', was published in April 2010. I'm currently conducting research for a second book about Munich.

I'm interested in commissions in writing, editing and reporting, and I'm prepared to travel to cover stories.

Current affairs are of particular interest to me, such as the refugee crisis, which I have covered for Associated Press, and sports, which I have written about for the Guardian and sports magazines.

I specialise in in-depth travel stories, particularly related to Germany, and have built up long-term relationships far and wide. The Alpine region, whether Munich and the Bavarian Alps, Tyrol regions, Austria or further afield, are endlessly fascinating (there are some great eco projects).

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Links via my website to PDFs for many of my magazines articles can be found on my website here.

My Guardian articles can be found on the newspaper's website: Paul Wheatley, Guardian

Associated Press:
Some 10,000 migrants flood into Germany, enjoy warm welcome

'It's tapped!': Thousands head to Munich's Oktoberfest

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