Jeremy Bowden

Regular contributor to: Accenture, McKinseys, CGMA Magazine (management accountancy), Gas Strategies, Gas-to-Power Magazine, Energy Focus (Energy Industries Council), Newsbase (Euroil), Pennwell, Utility Week, Petroleum Economist, and others. Specialist B2B marketing material for Turner & Townsend, Tomorrows People, Energy Transformation and Venn PR. Previously full time at Heren, Argus Media, Dow Jones, IHS and IHS-CERA.

Other information: See for more information and full range of published work. Experience includes seven years as specialist energy journalist and editor in UK and Asia with Argus Media and Dow Jones, and six years in Asia with IHS as researcher, analyst and CERA Associate Director. Now single father, and freelance editor and journalist. MA in Finance (Reading), BA in Economics.

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