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Other information: Sara Delmedico is a PhD candidate in Italian Studies at the University of Cambridge (UK). She holds degrees in Political Sciences and Labour Studies.

She speaks English, French and Spanish fluently (native Italian).

She has been working in the aviation sector for 15 years, and writes about politics, economics, history, luxury and tourism.

She contributed to Total Investor (UK), The Parliament (Belgium), Eurofinanza (Italy), (Italy), Publicis (France) delivering contents for Norbert Dentressangle’s Magazines, Zeeland (Finland) delivering contents for Hiab Magazine, NewsTalk (Ireland), Food and Beverage (Italy), Heritage Key (UK), StoryWorldwide (UK), Il Messaggero (Italy), Ansa press agency (Italy), and Global Connection International Media (Swiss).
She also offers press office services at exhibitions and events, along with translations for Loquimur (

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Telephone: +39 3382954664