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Other information: Education:
Master's Degree in Political Sciences (University of Milan - 2004);
MA in Labour Studies (University of Milan - 2005);
Master's Degree in Theory and history of politics (University of Urbino - 2013);
PhD candidate (University of Cambridge).

I speak Italian, English and French fluently, and I have a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Contributor to Total Investor (UK), NewsTalk (Ireland), Publicis Activ (France), Zeeland (Finland), Food and Beverage (Italy), Heritage Key (UK), StoryWorldwide (UK), The Parliament (Belgium), Eurofinanza (Italy), (Italy), Il Messaggero (Italy), Ansa press agency (Italy).

Translator and proofreader for Loquimur ( )

Telephone: +39 3382954664

Mobile: +44 7452259173