Kate O'Flaherty

Regular contributor to: The Guardian, The Observer, The Times, Forbes, SC UK Magazine, Infosecurity Magazine, Wired UK, Mobile Europe.

Other information: My work has appeared in national, consumer and b2b titles including The Times, The Guardian, The Observer, The Economist, TechRadar, IT Pro, Wired UK, Total Telecom, Internet of Business, Broadcast TECH, VanillaPlus, The Inquirer, CIO Magazine, SC UK Magazine, Mobile Europe, Popular Science UK, Wireless Magazine, Mobile Magazine, Land Mobile, Coin Rivet, FSTech, IBS Intelligence, Government IT and Local Government News.
I specialise in PR, marketing and website copywriting, as well as news, reviews, analysis and feature writing, covering b2b technology including: cyber security, telecoms, financial sector technology, and public sector IT.
Regular commissions include national, b2b and consumer publications as well as corporate clients, PR agencies and marketing firms.
I am also a contributing analyst at Global Data. http://www.currentanalysis.com/common/analysts/bio_289.html

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