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Other information: Jennifer Walker is an ex-physicist turned freelance writer specialising in art, travel and culture with a focus on Budapest and Central/Eastern Europe.

Originally from the UK, Jennifer comes from a mixed background of British and Hungarian heritage. Born in Epsom, Surrey, Jennifer grew up between East Sussex and Budapest, infusing her with a wanderlust and a fascination for other cultures.

In 2005, she graduated with an MPhys in Physics with Satellite Technology with a First Class with Honours from the University of Surrey, and conducted her masters research at GSI in Darmstadt, Germany for a year before moving to Madrid, Spain to undertake her postgraduate studies. She has a Masters of Advanced Studies in Nuclear Physics from the Universidad Compluntense de Madrid and finished her PhD in Physics (Summa Cum Laude) at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2011.

After completing her studies, Jennifer threw caution - and physics - to the wind to pursue her true passion: writing. She has been working as a professional writer since graduation and has had her work published in a variety of print and online publications. She lived in Madrid, Spain for seven years, and moved to Tbilisi, Georgia for two months in 2012 to work for the national English language newspaper Georgia Today. In 2013, she decided leave Spain to return to her Hungarian roots and has moved back to Budapest.

She's a blogger for the Huffington Post, and she writes about Budapest culture and gastronomy for The Budapest Times and We Love Budapest. She has written and worked for: DK Travel (Penguin books), BBC Travel, The Guaridan, CNN Travel, Slate, Move Guides, Inside Guides, Viator, Gadling, The Matador Network, GOOD Magazine, Atlas Obscura, xoJane, Bootsnall, The Expeditioner, ARTES Magazine, Kunstpedia, The Culture-ist, Untapped Cities, Twine Magazine, Georgia Today, InMadrid, My Vacation Source, JSpace, Hipmunk and Fortnighter. She is also the co-editor/associate editor for the LA based literary journal Falling Star Magazine.

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