James Hayes

Regular contributor to: ‘Engineering & Technology’ (‘E&T’), ‘Networking+’, ‘InfoSecurity Professional’, ‘Cyber Security Europe’, ‘Charity Digital News’, ‘Cloud Security Insights’, ‘London Business Magazine’, ‘Fibre Systems’, ‘Land Mobile’, ‘Think Progress’, ‘SOURCE: Sustainable Development’. I have also written for ‘Information Professional’, ‘Business Computer World’, ‘Business Marketing’, ‘Communications Week International’, ‘Computing’, ‘Corporate IT Strategy’, ‘Ecommerce News’, ‘GIS Professional’, ‘Internet Business’, ‘Internet Magazine’, ‘IT Week’, ‘Management Consultancy’, ‘Microscope’, ‘Middle East Economic Digest (MEED)’, ‘Mobile Communications International’, ‘Network News’, ‘Winning Business Strategies’, etc.

Other information: I am a multi-skilled editor, journalist, and technology writer with extensive experience across a range of content-oriented print and digital publishing capabilities. My roles include: freelance editor and editorial manager; business and technology journalist (features, news, analysis, reviews, blogs); report, white paper and client content editor and writer; ideas generator and new product developer; media trainer and communications advisor; editorial consultant and project manager.

I have worked as an editor, managing editor, commissioning editor, reporter, and feature writer on leading business computing, information technology, and enterprise communications publications, along with stints on business titles and publishing ventures for other vertical sectors. As a project administrator, I have also acted as team lead and committee chair.

As a freelance I have been contract editor for magazines, white papers, client content and marketing projects, and practitioner guidance briefings. I contribute news and features to leading sector publications such as ‘Engineering & Technology’, ‘Networking+’, ‘InfoSecurity Professional’, ‘Cyber Security Europe’, ‘Cloud Security Insights’, ‘Fibre Systems’, ‘Land Mobile’, ‘Think Progress’, and ‘London Business Magazine’. I have edited practitioner reports for the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), British Computer Society (BCS), and Arrk Group. I have written client content collateral for Agility PR, Boxclever Consulting, GDP Global, King Content, KNect365, NewsCred, Magnite PR, Mediawire Global, Semetrical, TechMarketView, and Tomorrow People. Examples of my recent published work can be viewed here below.

Re-editing and redrafting user-contributed text to turn it into engaging content is one of my specialities, along with foreword and introduction ghost-writing. I can also transform draft reports, white papers, and executive briefings, into engaging documents more likely to be picked-up by press and social media, and referenced by analysts and other influential sources of public-domain citation.

I am available for content generation and wordsmithing assignments for PR and corporate requirements – see below.

I provide media training and media engagement coaching packages as part of my overall editorial service offering. Clients have included leading brands in the enterprise software, IT, communications and cyber-security sectors.

Links to my selected recent work can be found in my career profile below, and from my LinkedIn profile – https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/james-hayes/6/81a/a56. Based in Hertfordshire, I'm within easy reach of London and Cambridge.

My core editorial service offering includes:

• Technology and business journalist (news, analysis, features, reviews, blogs) and contract editor
• Corporate content author and editor (reports, white papers, briefing documents, executive summaries)
• Media trainer and media engagement advisor (press-facing corporate commentators, account executives, content marketeers, SMEs)
• Editorial consultant; new product development
• Event organisation (event collateral and agenda editing; event chairing and speaking)
• Script-writer, script editor; PowerPoint presentation content enhancement

I am also available to undertake content generation, editing, and wordsmithing assignments for PR and corporate communications requirements, including:

• Advertorial writing and editing
• Ghost blogs and website content editing
• Customer newsletters (editing and writing)
• Re-editing of corporate publications (e.g., reports, executive briefings, guest introductions)
• Drafting and/or re-editing of press releases and topical supplied comments for media
• Submissions to government and industry bodies (drafting and editing)
• Awards entry submission text enhancement
• Event presentation editing

Please contact me directly if you would like more information about me or my skills, competences, and experience.

Links to my work:
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In safe hands: electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS) regulation for business – pages 24-26

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Will government spending programmes unearth the promise of ‘superfast’broadband across the UK? – pages 10-13

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Unified Communications: United we stand – pages 11-13

The human behind the hack: identifying individual hackers

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Keeping the data centre at the centre of data – pages 10-13

The Internet of Things in 2017

Recreation of 1940s programming wins Tony Sale computer conservation award

Voice-over-IP (VoIP): You talk the talk... – pages 10-13

Back to back(haul)

IoT platforms: Making sense of it all

VSAT Global Series Insights: 'Using emerging technology to drive bright satellite futures

Two thirds of IT and telecoms firms "unprepared" for EU exit

Cyber attackers now target industrial and freight systems

Smart office security for SMEs – pages 37-40

Unifying Unified Communications – pages 11-13

Cable consolidation raises regulatory questions

Metropolitan Area Networks: new MAN about town – pages 10-13

How green is my data centre? – pages 11-13

Car hacking: who's really behind the wheel? – pages 16-19

Review: ‘The Closing of the Net’ by Monica Horten

Reality behind a virtual world – pages 10-13

A finger on the pulse – pages 10-13

Explicit filenames providing hacker signposts to sensitive data

Kidnap risk increasing for tech professionals overseas

Automotive cyber-security concerns 'could shape future car design

Serving new services – pages 10-13

Observing the right protocol – pages 10-13

Zigbee's wireless security flaws threatens IoT devices

Middle-manager inaction the weak link in enterprise cyber-security

Cloud 'amnesty' would let IT provide secure alternatives

IT security 'should be pitched like other business enablers

New collaborative practices call for 'return' on in-house IT

Contact centres 'missing data analytics advantage

SOURCE: Sustainable Development’ magazine (launch editor)

Automotive Cyber Security: An IET/KTN Thought Leadership Review of risk perspectives for connected vehicles

Digital Technology Adoption in the Smart Built Environment

Finding symbiosis for human-computer collaboration

Tony Sale Award joint winners show conservation diversity

Turing Test 2012: friend or faux?

Critical infrastructure hack data found in public domain

Control system weaknesses 'easy to discover' online

Cyber-attack fatality 'is possible and plausible'

Software 'could rewrite computer history'

Ferranti art installation wins first Tony Sale Award

eCall – Calling all cars?

Data as the lifeblood to the Smart Built Environment

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Africa becomes a connected continent

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US team floats idea of 'robo-jellyfish'

Tech Noir: 'Blade Runner' and technology's past future

AK-47 – re-inventing the gun

E&T video event reports:


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