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Other information: A subject matter expert on defence and security affairs. Before pursuing a writing career, James Maclaren was a professional soldier holding senior positions in the British Army. He also has experience as a defence academic with teaching roles at UK, US and NATO staff colleges. He still lectures on military history, operational art and the art of command and leadership. He has a particular interest in East-West relations and has spent a number of years in Eastern and Southern Europe gaining first-hand experience of European security issues including the threats to European borders, relations with Russia and terrorism.

James has contributed to news articles and online material in a number of media publications in Europe and the Far East. He has written on the causes of conflict, human rights in conflict zones, defence technology, military operations, terrorism and radicalisation, cyber-crime and various conflict situations. An experienced commentator he has undertaken media interviews for national and international news agencies providing expert comment on major events of security interest.

James is an author with two thriller novels published. These titles are available via his web-site.

James is also available as a corporate writer providing informed source material for print and online corporate magazines, product collateral and research projects. He is currently researching a book on German military operations into the Baltic States in 1941-42.

He is available for commissions at the contact details listed.

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