Adrian Holliday

Regular contributor to: From Teletext (as it was) to Bloomberg Money, The Observer, AOL and other nationals plus professional B2B titles like Economia. I currently write news and features for blockchain portal Open Ledger.

Other information: Client commissions range from investing - I’ve interviewed more than 50 fund managers in-depth - including personal finance to property, pensions and retail. I am a qualified copywriter and take on regular media content projects. Fully experienced with Content Management Systems.

I’m sometimes hired to research business/risk intelligence projects. Finding stuff out and writing it up in crisp prose is the 'meat-and-veg' of what I do. A professional-grade camera is in the bag, if needed.

Provided there’s a reasonable (or even unreasonable) deadline I try to say Yes.

Telephone: 02088069090

Fax: 02088069090

Mobile: 07949422830


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Greater London
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