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Regular contributor to: The Review - Magazine of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment

BVCA Journal - magazine of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association

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Recommendation: "Paul is a regulator contributor to the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment's The Review magazine, published by Wardour. He has been a valuable addition to our team of freelance writers. Not only does he have excellent knowledge of the latest trends and developments in the finance sector and a strong contacts book, he has a good grasp of the briefs he tackles and always delivers good, solid copy on time. He is professional in his approach and a pleasure to work with."

Other information: I write feature articles for business and investment publications about financial markets (public markets, VC, PE and M&A), the financial services industry, and fintech.

I also cover those potentially ‘big’ developments that might transform the future of business: technological – such as AI; social – such as purpose v profit, ESG investing, equality; and political – such as tech regulation, re-nationalisation. Sometimes I venture a little wider, into ‘hot’ topics such as minimalism and universal basic income.

My blog, Dazzling and Dark, has an ethics and sustainability slant and is a candid take on some of the laudable and not-so-laudable developments from the world of business and investing.

I am an active stock market investor and trader. I’ve been a McKinsey consultant (during the dotcom boom and bust); an insurance entrepreneur and senior executive running M&A and strategic investment transactions; and an angel investor, with first-hand experience of the start-up and funding scene. I studied journalism after 25 years at the business coalface.

If you’re an editor, let’s talk. I can usually tease out some intriguing story ideas that will interest your readers, dissect complicated business and financial issues, and deliver understandable, high quality copy.

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